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17 february, 2015 20.19
The aim of the truce is to try to solve the situation in a diplomatic way, but if we are attacked, the enemy must be annihilated, considers the Mirotvorets battalion commander and people’s deputy Andrey Teteruk.
17 february, 2015 19.54
If the officials declare that the truce is observed in general, it is rubbish, considers the military expert and people’s deputy Dmitry Tymchuk.
16 february, 2015 22.05
It only took the new Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin to do his job to create a heroic halo – and he acquired a whole fan club by contrast with his predecessors. The columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko analysed why the arrest of the former member of the Party of Regions aroused such active support.
16 february, 2015 20.45
Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine Leonid Grach, who now leads political activity in the Communists of Russia party in the territory of the occupied Crimea, believes that the ex-Chairman of the Party of Regions faction in the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Yefremov did not cater to Lugansk separatism.
16 february, 2015 20.02
According to the former people’s deputy and political expert Taras Chornovil, the arrest of the former chairmen of the Party of Regions faction Alexander Yefremov – is just the first step in a series of high-profile "imprisonments" of former high-ranking officials.
16 february, 2015 16.35  
What Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Vladimir Putin, and Petro Poroshenko were disputing about, who Alexander Lukashenko took offence at and who deceived Sergey Lavrov – all this is recounted by the editor-in-chief of the GORDON Alesia Batsman who was at the negotiations in Minsk on February 11-12.
16 february, 2015 14.32
The prominent Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko told the editor-in-chief of the GORDON Alesia Batsman about his vision of the settlement of the present situation in Ukraine and sent his Ukrainian readers his new poetic tetraptych.
13 february, 2015 19.29
Russian financier Slava Rabinovich believes that the war will end in Ukraine only when the Ukrainian Army, supported by the partisans will win the enemy.
13 february, 2015 19.16
The battalion commander "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko believes that in order to achieve the real peace, the state should not rely on the Minsk Agreement, and to prepare for war.
13 february, 2015 18.51
To stop the war in the Donbas we will not soon be able to, and Minsk new agreements do not guarantee this, says columnist Eugene Kuzmenko to "GORDON" . Why in the implementation of the signed document do not believe the negotiators and politicians in Europe and the United States, the author tells in his column today.
13 february, 2015 18.14
Foreign mass media with a great interest watched the course of the Minsk negotiations. Whether there will come the peace in Ukraine and for how long it will last? What negotiations ended with? Who and what won as a result of the reached agreements?"Gordon" studied the materials of the foreign press devoted to the Minsk agreements.
13 february, 2015 10.47  
Volunteers Diana Makarova and Natalia Voronkova in an exclusive interview with "GORDON" talked about why the residents of the settlements, who are under gunfire, do not want to leave their homes, how to accustom ministry officials to the rhythm of the volunteering and who "eats" at dinner cost of thermal imagers, which ATO soldiers much need.
12 february, 2015 20.31
According to the Chairman of the Russian oppositional party RPR-PARNAS Boris Nemtsov, supplies of arms and troops to Ukraine may be resumed at any time until the issue of control over border is solved.
12 february, 2015 20.27
The Russian politician, lawyer and Nadezhda Savchenko’s defender considers that the issue of releasing the Ukrainian pilot is much simpler than control over the border or special status of Donbass, but there must be will to carry it out.
12 february, 2015 16.13
The Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko does not rule out that the terrorists in Donbass will receive an order and break all the arrangements within an hour.
12 february, 2015 15.32
The former deputy and political expert Taras Chornovil believes that the Western leaders in Minsk threatened the Russian President Vladimir Putin with severe consequences in case of violation of peace arrangements.
11 february, 2015 23.45
One can hardly believe that today’s negotiations will be a success since Russia has not achieved its aim and Putin will not stop, considers the Donetsk blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky.
11 february, 2015 17.12
Any result of the negotiations in Minsk will not satisfy either party, stated the volunteer of the Army SOS community and blogger Yury Kasyanov.
11 february, 2015 17.09
The People’s Deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc Viktor Chumak believes that Russia is not willing to implement a peace plan of any kind.
10 february, 2015 22.17  
Murders, kidnapping, mass searches and arrests – these are the realia that Crimean Tatars had to face after the Russian occupation of the peninsula. In this special project, the GORDON decided to remind of the most outrageous cases of violation of Crimean Tatars' rights over the last year.
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