3 October 2014:

More people tend to move towards Donbass, but we cannot tell the scale of this tendency. Anyway, it is unsafe to return there because there is no authority there but for the bandits’ one.
Around one third believe in the truce and want to return home. All the rest come back to take warm clothes or out of fear for their home and work.
Donetsk journalist Garmash: In some areas of the Donbass pensions are not paid for three months, and there were old people who have nowhere to go.
Volunteer Dudnyk: "DNR" and "LNR" have announced that they will take the apartments if there are no residents, so people are returning.
What will be with Hryvnia until the end of the year?
Veller: Thank God, our future is beyond us. This enmity is for very long