7 October 2014:

Activist Shabunin: After the incident with the sons of Pshonka, Azarov and Yanukovich not to let your children to the power - an elementary requirement of propriety
Fesenko: Children of politicians run for office because the Ukrainian tradition of nepotism covers not only politics and economics, but also the social life
Borovoi: It is not all over with Yanukovych yet. I remember a dozen times when Gorbachev made trumps out of discards and the other way around
Belkovsky, Voinovich, Gelman, Shukhevych, Lyashko and Fahrion congratulated Putin on his birthday
Gelman: Putin can be guaranteed security for him to resign and not to bring Russia to disaster
Historian Gritsak: Putin has destroyed civil society, it means that after there will be a ruthless Russian rebellion rather than a revolution after him