16 January 2015:

Ogryzko: From the point of view of common sense large-scale approach would be for the Russian Federation a complete disaster, but there is no common sense there
Parasyuk: The whole world fights against terrorists rather than talks to them. The war will not end until we realize it
Nemtsov: Shooting the bus in Volnovakha is similar to the story with Boeing in terms of perception of the Kremlin
General Romanenko on the act of terrorism in Volnovakha: We must benefit from the situation no matter how cynical it may sound. War is war, especially if it is informational war
Military expert Badrak: The Donetsk airport became a psychological factor for the Russians who wanted to earn money in the war
Mochanov: Nobody has explained what the Donetsk airport means from the military point of view. There is burnt land there
‘Cyborg’ Marshal: Guys at the airport will beat the stuffing out of them, you should not panic