17 March 2015:

Ogryzko: The film about the Crimea is a gut check for the West. There is no reaction, and it is evidence for Putin that he can do what he wants
Chubarov: The Russian film about the Crimea is evidence that must be used in court in the Hague
Marchuk: I do not rule out that the pause in Putin’s public life and demonstration of the film times to its end are elements of one idea
Historian Gritsak: The film "Crimea. The Road to the Homeland" is an address to Russia aimed to prove that its armour is strong and its tanks are fast
Semenchenko: There should be no elections in Donbass until it is liberated
Donetsk activist Menendez: Terrorists’ global requirements remained unchanged – they want to defend all borders
Kazansky: Direct administration from Kiev with the involvement of the military should be introduced in certain "temporarily occupied" regions of Donbass
Marchuk: Everyone has forgotten that the USSR missile troops deposed in Ukraine were aimed at the USA. And it was 1.5 thousand nuclear warheads each equal to 30 Hiroshimas