Alesia Batsman

17 july, 2020 17.14
Ukrainian journalists, media institutions, bloggers wrote an open letter to President Zelensky, the Members of the Parliament and European partners of Ukraine with an appeal to reject proposed legislation. In their opinion bill №2693 “On media” puts at risk freedom of speech in the country. Among signatories, there are Fakty, GORDON, Glavkom, Obozrevatel, LB.ua, Ukrainian News Agency, Hvylia, and other media outlets.
22 december, 2014 17.21
"The black spot" from Roskomnadzor for the news about the meeting in support of Navalny brothers is a quality mark and acknowledgement of influence, considers the columnist of the GORDON Eugeny Kuzmenko.
22 november, 2014 19.56
GORDON e-edition has turned one year. The editor-in-chief of the "GORDON" said who of the colleagues became models for her when she was launching the project, what is the difference between the secret kitchen of her site and Savik Shuster’s program which Alesya was an editor, and what the Ukrainian politicians and journalists need to do first of all to save Ukraine.