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Alexander Yefremov

16 february, 2015 22.05
It only took the new Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin to do his job to create a heroic halo – and he acquired a whole fan club by contrast with his predecessors. The columnist of the GORDON Yevhen Kuzmenko analysed why the arrest of the former member of the Party of Regions aroused such active support.
16 february, 2015 20.45
Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine Leonid Grach, who now leads political activity in the Communists of Russia party in the territory of the occupied Crimea, believes that the ex-Chairman of the Party of Regions faction in the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Yefremov did not cater to Lugansk separatism.
16 february, 2015 20.02
According to the former people’s deputy and political expert Taras Chornovil, the arrest of the former chairmen of the Party of Regions faction Alexander Yefremov – is just the first step in a series of high-profile "imprisonments" of former high-ranking officials.