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27 january, 2015 22.16
Ukrainians as a nation are almost absent from Austrian informational space, cultural and public life, and the materials in mass media dedicated to the dramatic events in Ukraine are either very superficial or demonstrate the unpleasant mark of the Kremlin propaganda. The volunteer of the Peace and Order Foundation and member of the Centre for Ukrainian Initiatives public organization Alexandra Sayenko writes about it in his article for the GORDON . Is it a regularity or a coincidence? Can Ukraine count on friendship and support of Austria – not hypothetically but under the concrete conditions of Russian aggression? The author is convinced that answers to these questions will help Ukraine develop the strategy of relations with the West.
8 march, 2014 22.53  
Seven Ukrainians injured during skirmishes on the Maidan are being treated in Austria now. Clinics can accept more patients, but Ukraine must organize the process from its side.