Dmitry Gordon

26 may, 2020 00.45
On May 18, Igor Girkin, former leader of ‘DPR’ militants, gave an interview to Dmitry Gordon, founder of GORDON media, and two days later – another one to the Times. Brechtier van de Mosdejk, Prosecutors’ spokesperson, thinks that Girkin’s statements could be added to the materials of the case of Boeing 777 crash.
18 january, 2016 14.30  
Zhovten, one of the oldest Ukrainian cinemas, opened in Kiev a year after the arson. The reconstruction lasted almost a year with the cinema restoration costing the municipal budget UAH 53 mln. However, only the actual perpetrators have been punished, while the hirers whose main goal was to seize the building and the land parcel have not been found yet. The deputy of Kyiv Council Dmitriy Gordon, whose efforts helped beat off the raid on Zhovten, said to Gordon’s Boulevard that he would put as much effort as possible to have the masterminds of the arson not only named but also punished.
13 january, 2015 18.06
On January 12 in Germany on the 76th year of life the honored actress of the USSR, a star of the Russian opera Elena Obraztsova died. In December doctors noted deterioration of health of the singer and advised her to spend the winter in Germany. The concert planned for December 11 was cancelled. Elena Obraztsova did not step on the stage any more. "GORDON" publishes interview with the opera star which she gave to Dmitry Gordon in 2011.
6 december, 2014 00.30  
European and American diplomats do not want to conlfict with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the fear of the change in the world security system already starts to outweigh, considers the Russian oppositionist and public figure, world chess champion Garry Kasparov. The full version of the program "Visiting Gordon" with Kasparov will appear on the GORDON site in the next few days. Today we are publishing a fragment of the interview taken on December 5, 2014.
29 october, 2014 18.52
Multimillionaire Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky won the elections in single-member district No. 220 in Kiev. His main opponent, the journalist and TV presenter Dmitry Gordon, spoke about the reasons of his defeat and what Ukrainian elections are like from inside.
22 october, 2014 13.42
The adviser of the President of Gorbachev Foundation Viktor Mironenko, former First Secretary of the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of the USSR, historian, disproved information on the death of the ex-president of the USSR in an exclusive interview to the GORDON and said what prevents Mikhail Gorbachev from assessing the situation in Ukraine correctly and why he cannot influence Putin's policy.
9 october, 2014 22.32
‘Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych welcomed Head of Putin’s Administration Sergey Ivanov drunk and in a dressing gown and started giving instructions, after which the latter refused to visit him,’ state the journalist and candidate deputy Dmitry Gordon referring to his sources.