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Donetsk Airport

6 february, 2015 16.20
The ex-deputy and political scientist Taras Chornovil considers that direct participation of heads of France and Germany in negotiations on peaceful settlement on Donbass testifies that they accepted Ukraine to the "club of adults" and included it in the European security system.
25 january, 2015 22.30  
In an exclusive interview to the GORDON , the Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky explained what message Putin is sending to the West through the acts of terrorism in Donbass, why Western leaders do not want to carry on negotiations with him, what Putin learned in "Bandits’ Petersburg", and whether confidential protocols to the Minsk accords actually exist.
22 january, 2015 21.54
The Donetsk airport is of no strategic importance now, the enemy will try to benefit from the situation to draw the attention of our farsighted command away from other sectors, the volunteer from the SOS Army community and blogger Yury Kasyanov reported.
20 january, 2015 00.15
If we start clearing up the territories, Russia will follow the scenario of large-scale invasion, the former Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine General Nikolay Malomuzh considers.
19 january, 2015 22.51
As soon as negotiations in Berlin and Astana were disrupted, Putin ordered to increase intensity of firing and to storm the Donetsk airport in order to get better conditions for negotiations, the People's Deputy Anton Gerashchenko declared.
14 january, 2015 20.29
The former head of service of foreign intelligence of Ukraine, the general Nikolay Malomuzh considers that activization of attacks of the Ukrainian part in the ATO zone together with diversions and social discontent have to become the destabilizing factor on which Russia counts.
30 december, 2014 16.50
The party of defense of Donetsk Airport nicknamed Marshal believes that there will be peace in Ukraine.
8 october, 2014 17.41
"GORDON" provides an overview of the most important events of October 7, 2014.