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6 march, 2015 20.56
Deputy chief of the General Staff of the ex-Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko believes that despite all the difficulties with the implementation of peace agreements points, respite in the war is necessary.
21 february, 2015 01.54  
On the Memorial Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, relatives of the activists Sergey Kemsky and Ustim Golodnyuk, who were killed on the Maidan, at the GORDON ’s request, recollected the tragic events that took place a year ago, told us about their sons and about why the names of the perpetrators have not been called yet.
13 february, 2015 10.47  
Volunteers Diana Makarova and Natalia Voronkova in an exclusive interview with "GORDON" talked about why the residents of the settlements, who are under gunfire, do not want to leave their homes, how to accustom ministry officials to the rhythm of the volunteering and who "eats" at dinner cost of thermal imagers, which ATO soldiers much need.
2 february, 2015 15.37
The threat of a full-scale war with Russia is unrealistic, says the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, General Nikolai Malomuzh.
23 january, 2015 19.50
The Donetsk activist and volunteer of the initiative group "Responsible Citizens of Donbass" Enrique Menendez stated that residents of Donetsk started panicking after yesterday’s act of terrorism, and many considered leaving the city.
23 january, 2015 19.40
According to the Donetsk blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky, LNR and DNR are simply mechanisms of Russia’s influence on the situation in Ukraine.
16 january, 2015 18.10
One of the defenders of the Donetsk airport with the call sign ‘Marshal’ considers that in case of retreat from the Donetsk airport the Ukrainian army will continue losing its positions.
16 january, 2015 18.03
The Director of the Research Center of Army, Conversion and Disarmament Valentin Badrak considers that peace in Donbass is possible if the Ukrainian army keeps building up military potential.