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European Union

3 february, 2015 21.29
EU does not want a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, because the results can lead to profound destabilization in Eastern Europe, believes the analyst Vadim Karasev.
14 january, 2015 20.29
The former head of service of foreign intelligence of Ukraine, the general Nikolay Malomuzh considers that activization of attacks of the Ukrainian part in the ATO zone together with diversions and social discontent have to become the destabilizing factor on which Russia counts.
12 january, 2015 10.04
The past year has been extremely difficult for Ukraine. After the defection of President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 Ukraine was on the verge of default, and the beginning of spring fighting in the eastern territories only made matters worse. The international community reacted to the events in Ukraine in different ways: some have expressed concern, others – provided real help. "Gordon" made the list of top friends Ukraine in 2014 and explains for what they have earned this status.