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16 december, 2019 11.41
The innovative clusters UNIT.City and UNIT.City Kharkiv will help stop the "brain drain", said Ukrainian businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky.
23 february, 2015 23.44
The Bratstvo party leader and Saint Maria battalion fighter Dmitry Korchinsky considers that the highest risk of terrorist attacks after Kharkov is in Odessa and Kiev.
23 february, 2015 23.07
The former people’s deputy and political scientist Taras Chornovil told the GORDON about the large Ukrainian cities in which serious underground organizations are formed, why mass events should not be restricted under the threat of terrorism, and why people arrested on suspicion of terrorism should not be exchanged in the process of prisoner exchange.
25 january, 2015 22.30  
In an exclusive interview to the GORDON , the Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky explained what message Putin is sending to the West through the acts of terrorism in Donbass, why Western leaders do not want to carry on negotiations with him, what Putin learned in "Bandits’ Petersburg", and whether confidential protocols to the Minsk accords actually exist.
21 january, 2015 02.36
The money changer Alexey (name changed) said in an interview to the GORDON how the dollar exchange rate is formed in the black market, what the money changer’s code means and why he does not have a wallet.
7 january, 2015 22.59
From September, 2014 to January, 2015 in Kharkov and Odessa there were more than 30 diversions and acts of terrorism the majority from which remain uninvestigated so far. "GORDON" created timeline of acts of terrorism in two most hot spots of Ukraine outside zone ATO.
4 january, 2015 22.58  
The independent Russian journalist and the photographer Viktoria Ivleva in exclusive interview to the "GORDON" told how volunteer group "The army of ants" helps Ukraine and why volunteers from Russia go to be at war to Donbass. She also presented her new book "Mandrivka or Travel of a Facebook Worm across Ukraine" which was recently published in Kiev.
4 january, 2015 19.50
Exactly in these cities Russia initially planned and carried out a set of acts of sabotage, the editor-in-chief of the edition "” Yury Butusov.
4 january, 2015 19.38
Moscow works secretly during the preparation of acts of terrorism in Ukraine, the ex-head assistant of Security Police general lieutenant Aleksandr Skipalsky considers.
1 december, 2014 17.57  
Fighters in the ATO zone despise generals in Kiev and increasingly abuse alcohol out of hopelessness, ambiguous truce and the order to avoid shooting, a volunteer from the National Guard said in an interview to the GORDON .