4 march, 2015 19.09
Murder at the Kremlin walls of one of the prominent leaders of the opposition - a sign that the government has chosen the path of criminal-terrorist regime. This was stated "GORDON" in an exclusive interview with Russian historian, philosopher and theologian Andrey Zubov.
27 february, 2015 01.18
Europeans fear to provide military assistance to the Ukrainian army because they are afraid of Putin, considers the writer and journalist Andrey Kurkov. In his opinion, the war may linger on for years and exhaust Ukraine. The man of letters said in the interview to the GORDON about what ordeals await for Ukrainians, why all social benefits must be cancelled, when the shooting in Donbass will stop, and what role culture may play in it.
21 february, 2015 01.54  
On the Memorial Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, relatives of the activists Sergey Kemsky and Ustim Golodnyuk, who were killed on the Maidan, at the GORDON ’s request, recollected the tragic events that took place a year ago, told us about their sons and about why the names of the perpetrators have not been called yet.
13 february, 2015 10.47  
Volunteers Diana Makarova and Natalia Voronkova in an exclusive interview with "GORDON" talked about why the residents of the settlements, who are under gunfire, do not want to leave their homes, how to accustom ministry officials to the rhythm of the volunteering and who "eats" at dinner cost of thermal imagers, which ATO soldiers much need.
5 february, 2015 13.49
Russian TV shows viewers the news of Donbass, but they don't show how lives Russia itself. To understand the existence of the modern Russian, Moscow journalist Andrey Loshak made the trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow and shot the movie. In an interview with "GORDON" Loshak spoke about his project, about how Russian province lives and why Russians care about events in Ukraine.
15 january, 2015 12.11
Pavel Ostrovsky, a student of the Ukrainian Catholic University, who bought with funds saved from scholarships the military drone, told "Gordon" when he decided to make such a gift, how AutoMaidan activists from Chicago help the Ukrainian army and why everyone should become volunteers.
11 january, 2015 23.00
"From the very beginning the Anti-corruption bureau was supposed to work with the old courts and under the supervision of the old presecutor's office", – the member of the anti-corruption committee Igor Lutsenko noted.
4 january, 2015 22.58  
The independent Russian journalist and the photographer Viktoria Ivleva in exclusive interview to the "GORDON" told how volunteer group "The army of ants" helps Ukraine and why volunteers from Russia go to be at war to Donbass. She also presented her new book "Mandrivka or Travel of a Facebook Worm across Ukraine" which was recently published in Kiev.
16 december, 2014 16.07
Ukrainian Maidan is what must not be named for the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The leaders of the neighboring country are obsessed with maidanophobia. This conclusion was drawn by the columnist of the GORDON Yevheni Kuzmenko after he studied the article by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation "Russia and Ukraine: Living by New Rules".
11 december, 2014 21.01  
Sergey Kovalyov, a Ukrainian programmer and blogger working in Denmark, said in an exclusive interview for the GORDON edition about who supports pro-Russian sentiments there, why the Ukrainians should not outdo the Danes and why Ukrainian diaspora in Denmark helped dismiss ex-ambassador of Ukraine.
5 november, 2014 20.51
There will not be a third Maidan, but it is necessary to understand: ATO fighters are turning into a real and very influential force. They are united and are not afraid of anything, the head of Mega-Poligraf volunteer group and Ukrainian businessman Oleg Svirko is convinced.