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martial law

17 march, 2015 23.58
The former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defence, General of the Army of Ukraine Yevgeny Marchuk said in the interview to the GORDON why the West fears to provide Ukrainian army with defence weapons, how the Russian president Vladimir Putin blackmails world leaders and what the former Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov really said in his interview.
17 february, 2015 23.18
Introduction of the martial law may result in Ukraine remaining without its army, territory, and government that will demolished by the crowd, considers the volunteer of the Army SOS community and blogger Yury Kasyanov.
17 february, 2015 20.19
The aim of the truce is to try to solve the situation in a diplomatic way, but if we are attacked, the enemy must be annihilated, considers the Mirotvorets battalion commander and people’s deputy Andrey Teteruk.
17 february, 2015 19.54
If the officials declare that the truce is observed in general, it is rubbish, considers the military expert and people’s deputy Dmitry Tymchuk.
27 january, 2015 10.20
Russia has pursued a policy of destroying Ukraine, the journalist Yuri Butusov considers.
26 january, 2015 14.30
The People’s Deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc Victor Chumak considers that nobody could imagine in which situation Ukraine would find itself in 2000 when the law on martial law was adopted.
16 january, 2015 11.41
A considerable amount of money was allocated for the Ukrainian army in 2015, and the conflict can be settled very quickly provided good management, considers the People’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk.