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Minsk accords

19 february, 2015 20.06
The former president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk supports deployment of the UN peacekeeping contingent.
16 february, 2015 16.35  
What Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Vladimir Putin, and Petro Poroshenko were disputing about, who Alexander Lukashenko took offence at and who deceived Sergey Lavrov – all this is recounted by the editor-in-chief of the GORDON Alesia Batsman who was at the negotiations in Minsk on February 11-12.
12 february, 2015 20.31
According to the Chairman of the Russian oppositional party RPR-PARNAS Boris Nemtsov, supplies of arms and troops to Ukraine may be resumed at any time until the issue of control over border is solved.
12 february, 2015 20.27
The Russian politician, lawyer and Nadezhda Savchenko’s defender considers that the issue of releasing the Ukrainian pilot is much simpler than control over the border or special status of Donbass, but there must be will to carry it out.
12 february, 2015 16.13
The Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko does not rule out that the terrorists in Donbass will receive an order and break all the arrangements within an hour.
12 february, 2015 15.32
The former deputy and political expert Taras Chornovil believes that the Western leaders in Minsk threatened the Russian President Vladimir Putin with severe consequences in case of violation of peace arrangements.
31 january, 2015 23.38
The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said in the comment to the GORDON that a new format of negotiations at the highest level is necessary to secure peace in Ukraine, that there is no sense in trying to pacify the aggressor, and that the Minsk negotiations are a waste of time playing into the terrorists’ hands.
28 january, 2015 19.06
There is an attempt to force Ukraine and the West to make peace on Russia’s condition through a direct war, the political scientist and Head of the Penta Centre for Applied Political Studies Vladimir Fesenko.
20 january, 2015 00.15
If we start clearing up the territories, Russia will follow the scenario of large-scale invasion, the former Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine General Nikolay Malomuzh considers.
25 december, 2014 21.24
According to the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko, for settlement of a situation on Donbass the Geneva format of negotiations with the participation of Russia, the EU and the USA is optimum.
10 december, 2014 17.54
The Russian President Vladimir Putin needs an economic, social and political crisis in Ukraine to destroy it from within, Putin’s former advisor Andrey Illarionov believes.
20 november, 2014 16.33
The political scientist Vladimir Fesenko considers that an immediate goal of the EU is to prevent of a new round of war and to continue searching for a peaceful way out of the crisis in Ukraine.
18 november, 2014 21.18
There were negotiations in Minsk in September, documents were signed and it is unclear what can prevent from executing them, considers the journalist and blogger from Donetsk Denis Kazansky.
18 november, 2014 21.16
A long break in military operations was necessary for accumulation of power, and peace agreements could hardly affect it in any way, considers the volunteer and organizer of the initiative "SOS Army" Yury Kasyanov.
18 november, 2014 21.14
It is unreasonable to continue nearly financial support of "DNR" terrorists today, considers the General of the Army and Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Alexander Kikhtenko.
4 november, 2014 20.30
Ukraine showed by the Minsk accords that it is a European country. Unfortunately, it started playing with sharpers, considers the commander of the battalion "Dnepr-1" Yury Bereza.