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6 march, 2015 20.56
Deputy chief of the General Staff of the ex-Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko believes that despite all the difficulties with the implementation of peace agreements points, respite in the war is necessary.
2 february, 2015 16.12
Ukrainian citizens in most cases know that to defend their land and their homes - their sacred duty, says MP from the Bloc Poroshenko, deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence, Colonel Yuliy Mamchur.
29 january, 2015 16.21
The commander of the Donbass battalion and People’s Deputy from Samopomich Semen Semenchenko considers that two main problems of mobilization in Ukraine are fools who mobilize those who do not want to fight and ways of spreading "informational nonsense ".
29 january, 2015 14.14
The mayor of Rava-Ruska (Lvov region) Irina Vereshchuk considers that people do not want to serve because they do not feel support from the state rather than because of lack of patriotism.
16 january, 2015 14.50
Despite the critical attitude of Ukraine to the Minsk accords, it is a realistic and peaceful way forwards, considering the fact that the Western leaders – the Brussels and Norman formats – do not want to convene unless there are any results, stated the former Deputy Head of the General Staff Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko.