18 september, 2019 10.31
Taking into account the identical letters that the vandals left on the desecrated monuments to the victims of the Holocaust in the Mykolaiv and Kirovohrad regions, we can talk about an anti-Semitic organization, which makes the situation dangerous for the Ukrainian Jews, since such organizations rarely stop at the desecration of monuments, said the president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin.
21 february, 2015 01.54  
On the Memorial Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, relatives of the activists Sergey Kemsky and Ustim Golodnyuk, who were killed on the Maidan, at the GORDON ’s request, recollected the tragic events that took place a year ago, told us about their sons and about why the names of the perpetrators have not been called yet.
11 october, 2014 11.06
The author of books "Whether There Will Be the Second Millennium in Russia", "Again in Opposition" and "I Invoke General Vlasov Spirit" economist Gavriil Popov shared with the GORDON his thoughts about when Ukraine will become a part of united Europe, under what conditions it will keep the territorial integrity and what Ukraine waits for in the nearest future.