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28 december, 2018 23.30
U.S. Department of the Treasury has notified Congress of its intention to terminate the sanctions imposed on companies owned by Oleg Deripaska – Russia billionaire and aluminum tycoon from the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deripaska received assistance from official Kyiv in negotiations over dubious scheme to get out from under American sanctions, declared ex-Soviet agent turned American analyst in conversation with GORDON. He also accented that Kremlin impersonated by Deripaska still possesses strategically important objects in Ukraine directly affecting national security.
12 april, 2017 10.30
U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen received a check for $350,000 in 1999 for one of the leaders of the Izmaylovskaya Organized Crime Group. It was reported in an exclusive material for "GORDON" by Yuri Felshtinsky, a Russian American historian and the author of the book “Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within”. Based on more than a hundred archival records of American courts, which are open to the public in the US, the expert maintains that the Russian hockey player Vladimir Malakhov was used in the scheme, and the whole story was revealed accidentally because of a check, which became the subject of litigation. All the supporting documents are available in the editorial office.
2 february, 2015 15.03  
Svetlana Davydova, the mother of many children is being kept in Lefortovo prison in Moscow for the second consecutive week. She was accused of treason in favor of Ukraine. In an interview with "Gordon" Russian human rights activist Zoe Svetova, who visited Davydova in the prison, told how the Russian authorities tried to get from the imprisoned the "necessary" evidence and "to let down the case quietly."
2 february, 2015 00.09  
The story of the Russian paratrooper Nikolay Kozlov who came back as the disabled person from the war on Donbass in August of the 2014 couldn't have been concealed thanks to the message left in Facebook by his uncle Sergey Kozlov. The journalist of the GORDON contacted him to learn what changed in Nikolay's destiny. But unexpectedly they started the conversation about Russia.
30 january, 2015 13.30  
The Russian journalist Oleg Kashin has no doubt that it is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter who is hiding under the pseudonym of Katerina Tikhonova. In the interview to the GORDON , he said why he came to such a conclusion and why he thinks that Putin’s second daughter Maria also lives and works in Russia.
13 january, 2015 18.04
In his interview for GORDON the famous Russian writer Vladimir Voynovich told about the public mood of the Russians, why we should be afraid of Ramzan Kadyrov's threats and a soviet man, who, in spite of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, “will live for long” both in Russia and in Ukraine.
8 january, 2015 18.15
The common feature of all terrorist attacks is intimidation and creation of atmosphere of fright and terror, says German political analyst Andreas Umland.
6 january, 2015 22.19
The head of the information department of the Kiev Patriarchate Yevstratii Zorya on Christmas Eve in the commentary to "Gordon" talked about why he had no doubts that Ukraine will have a unified and independent Orthodox Church, what hinders the process of unification of churches and why Patriarch Kirill and his policy of "Russian world" is dangerous.
4 january, 2015 22.58  
The independent Russian journalist and the photographer Viktoria Ivleva in exclusive interview to the "GORDON" told how volunteer group "The army of ants" helps Ukraine and why volunteers from Russia go to be at war to Donbass. She also presented her new book "Mandrivka or Travel of a Facebook Worm across Ukraine" which was recently published in Kiev.
4 january, 2015 19.38
Moscow works secretly during the preparation of acts of terrorism in Ukraine, the ex-head assistant of Security Police general lieutenant Aleksandr Skipalsky considers.
28 december, 2014 20.32  
The Russian poet, the writer and the publicist Lev Rubenstein in exclusive interview to the “GORDON” told about that, why he was called to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, what will be if to disconnect the television Russia and for what the Russian politicians tell nonsenses.
20 october, 2014 20.52
The special adviser of the president of Gorbachev Foundation Victor Mironenko disproved information about the death of the ex-president of the USSR in the exclusive comment to the GORDON and told that tomorrow, October 21, Mikhail Gorbachev is planning to take part in the conference timed to the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain.
11 october, 2014 11.06
The author of books "Whether There Will Be the Second Millennium in Russia", "Again in Opposition" and "I Invoke General Vlasov Spirit" economist Gavriil Popov shared with the GORDON his thoughts about when Ukraine will become a part of united Europe, under what conditions it will keep the territorial integrity and what Ukraine waits for in the nearest future.
24 september, 2014 22.27
“If Ukrainians lived in Moscow they would understand that the Peace March is a tremendous success of the Russian opposition,” thinks the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov.