14 january, 2015 15.45
Russian economist Andrey Illarionov is convinced that it is almost inevitably there will be default in Ukraine in January-February 2015. But there is still a chance to avoid it, some concrete steps that the expert has described in his new article should be taken.
3 october, 2014 12.48
Ukrainian foreign exchange market is going through hard times now. Hryvnia exchange rate in the interbank market has stopped its rapid dropping; however, cash currency is now out of circulation. Every day it is getting more and more difficult to buy euros or dollars in a bank or an exchange office, which results in the growth of a “black” market with its own rates. Does it mean that the official hryvnia exchange rate is overrated and that we have not reached the bottom yet? What awaits our currency in the next several months? GORDON asked experts about it.