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Oles Doniy

10 march, 2015 22.35
The government that has declared their support of cultural initiatives has not allocated a single cent for volunteers’ cultural actions, considers the former People’s Deputy Oles Doniy.
5 february, 2015 14.00
Ex-deputy of Ukraine Oles Doniy believes that instead of solving the real problems of the country, the power givess society attractive ideas, such as the removal of parliamentary immunity, which do not change the situation.
2 december, 2014 18.46
The Ukrainian government has not got rid of the corruption component, the former People's Deputy Oles Doniy believes.
8 october, 2014 22.05
According to the non-affiliated deputy Oles Doniy, administrative reformatting of Luhansk region can help the local population, but the main problem in the region lies in the military tactics of the Ukrainian army.