3 september, 2019 17.50
Deputy Head of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police Yevhen Shevtsov who was mentioned in a number of journalist investigations probably could be reassigned to the new Service, claims citing his own sources Masi Nayyem, lawer, partner at “Miller” law firm.
19 march, 2019 11.02
Ukraine should develop own oncology agents production and revise legislation on patent terms. It would make treatment more affordable for the patients, says Dmytro Shymkiv, the chairman of the Executive Board of the managing company of the PrJSC “Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”.
10 march, 2015 00.17
The GORDON has drawn up a rating of promises given by the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and both acting and dismissed members of the government throughout the previous year and has traced back how effectively they have been fulfilled.
6 march, 2015 00.05
Successful reforms - the only way to stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine, ex-Minister of Education and the first rector of the Police Academy of Georgia Khatia Dekanoidze thinks. In an interview with "Gordon" she told why the government should focus on service, eliminate bureaucracy and prepare for the new police patrol quickly.
24 february, 2015 22.45
Panic is one of the major factors of the decrease in the value of the country’s currency, stated the prominent economic expert and President of the Centre for Economic Development Alexander Paskhaver.
24 february, 2015 22.03
The economic situation must be improved by the Ukrainians themselves together with international financial organizations, considers the Russian financier Slava Rabinovich.
5 february, 2015 14.00
Ex-deputy of Ukraine Oles Doniy believes that instead of solving the real problems of the country, the power givess society attractive ideas, such as the removal of parliamentary immunity, which do not change the situation.
9 january, 2015 21.11
Until heroism in the government is directly connected with growth of an external debt, the situation with the budget and opportunity to contain the state and segments of the population will become more terrible, the Doctor of Economics Vladimir Lanovoy declared.
6 january, 2015 20.41
According to the Ukrainian historian, professor of Lviv national university of Franko, the Ukrainian orthodox church of the Moscow patriarchy needs reforms, otherwise it will continue to lose believers further.
2 january, 2015 23.03
Ukraine will be incredibly lucky if the dollar’s course will not exceed to 50 hryvnas per dollar in 2015, the country will face economic and political crisis, and Russia will certainly use it. Still there is a negligible chance to avoid a default, but it is necessary to use this chance in the coming weeks, said in an exclusive interview with "Gordon" Russian economist and former adviser to President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov.
30 december, 2014 16.20
The next year will be a year of great reforms and of very hard life for people, but there is a hope that the war will be over, a Russian historian, philosopher and religious scholar Andrei Zubov thinks.
29 december, 2014 17.46
Lviv Mayor and head of the party "Samopomіch" Andriy Sadoviy said that the parliament adopted the reforms in taxation that will not be able to give a sense of justice to ordinary people.
12 december, 2014 22.14
The Doctor of Economic Sciences and Managing Partner of the Capital Times investment company Erik Nayman believes that the reforms must in the first place concern the system of public purchase.
12 december, 2014 22.10
The Head of the Independent Miners’ Trade Union of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets considers that the government curtails budget expenditures at its own discretion without a social dialogue with the public.
2 december, 2014 18.46
The Ukrainian government has not got rid of the corruption component, the former People's Deputy Oles Doniy believes.
16 october, 2014 11.04
Alexander Rutskoi, first and last Vice-President of Russia, Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of Aircraft, told GORDON why there will not be war "until the last Ukrainian" and how to return to peaceful life.