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4 march, 2015 19.05
Leader of the "Bratstvo" Dmitry Korchinskiy is sure that the killer of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov - personally Russian President Vladimir Putin.
2 february, 2015 20.51
Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed "Gordon" that during the past year, Russian law enforcers detained 11 Ukrainian citizens, who are now in jail in Moscow, Belgorod and Stavropolskii krai. According to diplomats, all Ukrainians were detained "on baseless charges" and are suspected of terrorism, murder and espionage.
7 january, 2015 23.31  
During the last year the Russian propaganda reached improbable heights in creation of plots about atrocities of "the Ukrainian junta". TV channels of the Russian Federation gave out every month in air the stories which are not confirmed with any facts about how fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine crucify children on squares, make a target for rockets of teenagers, and slaves – of adults, and kill bullfinches, rescuing titmouses. "GORDON" made a selection of the loudest fakes of the Russian journalists.
28 october, 2014 16.36
The newly elected parliament needs to form a coalition that will be ready for reforms and economic shock therapy, considers the Candidate People's Deputy, Speaker of the Right Sector Borislav Bereza.