Russian TV

5 february, 2015 13.49
Russian TV shows viewers the news of Donbass, but they don't show how lives Russia itself. To understand the existence of the modern Russian, Moscow journalist Andrey Loshak made the trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow and shot the movie. In an interview with "GORDON" Loshak spoke about his project, about how Russian province lives and why Russians care about events in Ukraine.
11 december, 2014 21.01  
Sergey Kovalyov, a Ukrainian programmer and blogger working in Denmark, said in an exclusive interview for the GORDON edition about who supports pro-Russian sentiments there, why the Ukrainians should not outdo the Danes and why Ukrainian diaspora in Denmark helped dismiss ex-ambassador of Ukraine.
8 december, 2014 09.53
Do you remember the news about an American who decided to watch only Russian TV to understand why the Russian President Vladimir Putin has such a high rating? This American was a financial analyst and columnist of the Financial Times Vitaliy Katsenelson. Katsenelson said in an interview to GORDON how the Kremlin propaganda influenced him and about the reasons for the drop in oil prices and investment prospects of Ukraine.