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13 february, 2015 10.47  
Volunteers Diana Makarova and Natalia Voronkova in an exclusive interview with "GORDON" talked about why the residents of the settlements, who are under gunfire, do not want to leave their homes, how to accustom ministry officials to the rhythm of the volunteering and who "eats" at dinner cost of thermal imagers, which ATO soldiers much need.
6 february, 2015 15.25
During the wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia, Russian mothers demanded to return their sons-soldiers, but in the war with Ukraine natives of soldiers behave passively, said in an interview with "GORDON" the head of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia Valentina Melnikova.
30 december, 2014 16.50
The party of defense of Donetsk Airport nicknamed Marshal believes that there will be peace in Ukraine.
5 december, 2014 19.44
The Russian historian, philosopher and religious scholar Andrey Zubov told the GORDON on what the conditions for a successful truce in Donbass are, why Putin’s yesterday's message will adversely affect the future of Russia and why the Russian President's position concerning the Crimea and Ukraine is absolutely illogical.
1 december, 2014 17.57  
Fighters in the ATO zone despise generals in Kiev and increasingly abuse alcohol out of hopelessness, ambiguous truce and the order to avoid shooting, a volunteer from the National Guard said in an interview to the GORDON .