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Verkhovna Rada

23 may, 2019 17.47
International Monetary Fund delegation carries on its work in Kyiv and negotiates with Ukrainian officials, says Gerry Rice, Director of the Communications Department at IMF.
13 december, 2018 14.47
According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, there are 48 politicians in the Rada, that hasn’t created any law yet.
15 february, 2018 18.40  
President, Prime-Minister and top officials at National bank of Ukraine meet the IMF representatives, it is necessary that Chairman of Parliament would also have such contacts, declared Serhii Rybalka, Member of Parliament from Radical party, member of the Financial Policy and Banking Committee.
6 march, 2015 21.19
Verkhovna Rada deputy from the "Narodnyy Front" and the coordinator of the group "Information resistance" Dmitry Tymchuk notes that despite the removal of some types of fighters artillery, considerable enemy forces, reinforced by armored vehicles remain in their positions.
4 march, 2015 00.00
The main thing that a consolidated political forces could make is to deprive 15% of pension of pensioners, the chairman of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, the head of the "Center" party, MP from the opposition bloc Vadim Rabinovich thinks.
3 march, 2015 23.13
Politicians have to explain to Ukrainians that pension contributions must meet the level of pensions, the expert of critical care reform package, ex-MP of the Verkhovna Rada of VI convocation Yurii Ganuschak thinks.
3 march, 2015 21.27
Unless the economy works, whatever you do the deficit of the budget of the fund will be the same, said MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Viktor Chumak.
2 march, 2015 21.32
Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Information, a representative of the international organization "Reporters Without Borders' in Ukraine Oksana Romaniuk considers that People's Deputy of the "Narodnyy Front" Konstantin Mateychenko’s bill on criminal liability for criticizing the government" is just awful.
17 february, 2015 19.54
If the officials declare that the truce is observed in general, it is rubbish, considers the military expert and people’s deputy Dmitry Tymchuk.
10 february, 2015 15.21
Calls for violation of the Constitution shall not be forgiven in a country at war, the People’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko considers.
5 february, 2015 14.00
Ex-deputy of Ukraine Oles Doniy believes that instead of solving the real problems of the country, the power givess society attractive ideas, such as the removal of parliamentary immunity, which do not change the situation.
4 february, 2015 16.17
To win millions of Russian soldiers can neither Ukraine separately, nor the West, who does not want to fight, Ukrainian diplomat Vladimir Ogryzko is convinced.
3 february, 2015 15.43
The owners of the TV channels have to show who really owns them - a ski instructor or a Russian resident, said MP Anton Gerashchenko.
2 february, 2015 16.12
Ukrainian citizens in most cases know that to defend their land and their homes - their sacred duty, says MP from the Bloc Poroshenko, deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence, Colonel Yuliy Mamchur.
28 january, 2015 00.34
Recognition of Russia as an aggressor does not automatically entail declaration of war, the Scientific Director of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Alexander Sushko reported.
14 january, 2015 15.45
Russian economist Andrey Illarionov is convinced that it is almost inevitably there will be default in Ukraine in January-February 2015. But there is still a chance to avoid it, some concrete steps that the expert has described in his new article should be taken.
10 january, 2015 18.54
Creation of National anti-corruption bureau as panaceas from corruption is a game and the next example of fetishization of some unclear institute of the power, the ex-Minister of Justice of Ukraine Sergey Golovaty considers.
10 january, 2015 14.07
The priority now must be to create working places in Ukraine, but, unfortunately, the real work of the government in this direction is not visible, deputy head of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, MP from association "Samopomіch" Viktor Krivenko.
6 january, 2015 17.49
The People's Deputy from Samopomich party, the first deputy head of Verkhovna Rada committee concerning culture and spirituality Irina Podolyak considers that it is not enough just to believe in creation of One Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and it is necessary to have interfaith dialogue.
5 january, 2015 15.29
The former inhabitant of Odessa, more than 20 years living in Amsterdam, Syuzanna Dostaleva in interview to "GORDON" told about pseudo-volunteers, about why the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands withdrew from activists and how much money the Dutches donate for the help to fighters of ATO and to emigrants of Donbass.