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Yuri Shvets

1 may, 2020 22.50
Russian OPEC deal failure, oil price plunge and ruble weakening, constant telephone calls to the US President Donald Trump, and significant financial withdrawals from Russia including sending golden ingots by regular flights, it all indicates that serious struggle for power commenced in the Kremlin that is going to end with President Vladimir Putin removal very soon. His closest associates would be the ones to remove him from the office convinces Yuri Shvets, ex-KGB-officer and Putin’s former fellow student at Institute of Foreign Intelligence. Exclusively for GORDON he had scrutinized all intelligence signs for forthcoming tectonic shifts in Moscow.
3 april, 2020 15.33  
While the whole world is busy, fighting coronavirus that as of April 3, 2020 morning had already took 53 thousand lives, too little attention gets a story that could possibly uncover when and where the virus had originally appeared. In September 2019, when no one heard of the coronavirus yet, near Novosibirsk fire occurred on secured facility called Vector – one of the largest viruses repositories in the world. Yuri Shvets, ex-Soviet spy and Putin’s former classmate at KGB institute, now business intelligence analytic who is living in the USA for more than 25 years, speaks about it in an interview with GORDON. He described how the virus might have found its way to China, and why coronavirus pandemic accelerated the scenario of Putin letting power go from him.
28 december, 2018 23.30
U.S. Department of the Treasury has notified Congress of its intention to terminate the sanctions imposed on companies owned by Oleg Deripaska – Russia billionaire and aluminum tycoon from the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deripaska received assistance from official Kyiv in negotiations over dubious scheme to get out from under American sanctions, declared ex-Soviet agent turned American analyst in conversation with GORDON. He also accented that Kremlin impersonated by Deripaska still possesses strategically important objects in Ukraine directly affecting national security.
1 may, 2015 19.23  
A former Soviet intelligence officer and now an American financial analyst Yuri Shvets told "Gordon" that in spite of the official biography, the Russian president has never worked in intelligence office because of "below average abilities", about what nicknames Putin had in the KGB and what two papers signed by US President would be enough to derail the economy of Russia.