Ogryzko: Russia only understands the language of power so there is no point in hiding behind the neutral status

Vladimir Ogryzko
Vladimir Ogryzko
Photo: news.bigmir.net

Most Ukrainians will vote for the accession to NATO at the referendum, considers the Ukrainian diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine from 2007 to 2009 Vladimir Ogryzko.

Ukraine needs to articulate its foreign political plans without paying attention to Russia, the Ukrainian diplomat Vladimir Ogryzko declared in the comment to the GORDON.

"Our big Russophiles have always said that we should not tease Russia with talks about NATO, and they finally achieved what we see today. You can never cajole Russia with anything. It only understands the language of power. So it there is no point in hiding behind the talks on neutral status – it means that we will be attacked. We should clearly articulate our foreign political plans and reach them, and Russia will start crawling away under the influence of sanctions, which is already gradually taking place," the expert said.

Ogryzko considers that the country does not have six years to prepare for the accession to the Alliance.

"Objectively, we are not ready to join the NATO today because we do not meet their criteria. We need several years for this. I do not know if it is six years or more. It seems to me that it is too much. If there is political will that is described in the plan for NATO membership, we can do it much quicker. I think that we need to set such a plan as the target and to reach it as soon as possible," he reported.

According to the expert, the referendum is necessary in this case.

"For these several years, we have to bring the condition of our Armed Forces to certain standards meeting the membership criteria. Then we should hold a corresponding referendum to avoid talks that it has been carried out by the top, the junta.

I consider it perfectly correct. Since it is clear to all our citizens who is our friend and who is our enemy now, there is no doubt that the majority will vote for the accession to NATO," Ogryzko summed up.


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