16 september, 2020 20.03  
Thanks to the joint work with InterChem and the Zagoriy Foundation, it was possible in the shortest possible time to find the state of the art equipment that has already helped many architectural monuments in Europe, and is able to “make St. Sophia of Kyiv healthy”, the project participants noted.
23 august, 2020 13.24
Batkivschyna’s leader, people deputy Yulia Tymoshenko is in sever condition due to COVID-19, reported her press secretary Maryna Soroka.
27 july, 2020 21.25
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, contestant of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, said that “legally Crimea is Ukrainian, in fact it is Russian.”
17 july, 2020 17.14
Ukrainian journalists, media institutions, bloggers wrote an open letter to President Zelensky, the Members of the Parliament and European partners of Ukraine with an appeal to reject proposed legislation. In their opinion bill №2693 “On media” puts at risk freedom of speech in the country. Among signatories, there are Fakty, GORDON, Glavkom, Obozrevatel, LB.ua, Ukrainian News Agency, Hvylia, and other media outlets.
3 july, 2020 23.50
Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks that Russia is vulnerable and needs inner stability and time for strengthening.
21 june, 2020 22.50  
On June 21, Equality March took place in Kyiv. Due to coronavirus pandemic, it was held on-line. One of the video performances was organized on the Singing Field where the Motherland Monument, the highest monumental structure of Europe stands. Activists launched a drone with an LGBT rainbow flag on it. The copter took position over 102 meters high monument so that it appeared as flag was attached to the sword of the Motherland. The slogan was “Mother understands and supports.”
Video: KyivPride / YouTube
4 june, 2020 17.01
400 mln hryvnias were allocated to the project Wall in 2020. As of June 1 53 mln were already spent.
26 may, 2020 00.45
On May 18, Igor Girkin, former leader of ‘DPR’ militants, gave an interview to Dmitry Gordon, founder of GORDON media, and two days later – another one to the Times. Brechtier van de Mosdejk, Prosecutors’ spokesperson, thinks that Girkin’s statements could be added to the materials of the case of Boeing 777 crash.
11 may, 2020 08.30
Russia uses World War II Victory day as a preposition for new wars. It is an opinion of former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.
2 may, 2020 22.51
Ihor Kolomoyskyi, businessman, former owner of Privatbank, announced that he will be represented in European Court of Human Rights in Privatbank nationalization case by Andrii Portnov, former deputy head of President Administration under Viktor Yanukovich.
27 april, 2020 13.03
Boris Lozhkin, President of Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, gave over to medical professionals an apparatus built by up-to date anestheological architecture with intellectual system for air supplement management.
20 april, 2020 17.36
Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs, reported that as of April 20 morning four epicenters of fire were detected in Chornobyl Zone and in Zhytomyr Oblast. But due to the strong wind situation might deteriorate. According to him, MVS created special force group to fight arsons.
7 april, 2020 17.30
Wife of Valerii Viiushin, a man from Kyiv who had died, says ambulance vehicles refused to take her husband to a hospital.
29 march, 2020 22.29
According to President Zelensky economy decline and country’s default are possible if during its extraordinary meeting Verkhovna Rada would fail to adopt the laws needed to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.
14 march, 2020 13.48
Ukrainian government aims to slow down the distribution of coronavirus in Ukraine and minimize sources of virus infection, declares Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
1 march, 2020 13.36
Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, and Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Head of Administration of the President of RF, discussed mutual release of apprehended persons in “all for all” format, reads the announcement of Ukrainian side.
18 february, 2020 15.21
Film called “Eight first dates” in which one of the characters was portrayed by acting President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky now is banned to show in Ukraine.
9 february, 2020 22.05
Problems have been piled up on Arctic Archipelago of Spitzbergen that are in need of solution, Russian embassy in Norway declares.
30 january, 2020 17.49
Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced mirroring measures addressing European Union after implication of new sanctions against Russia on January 28.
21 january, 2020 14.52
Stepan Chernovetskyi, the president of the investment company Chernovetskyi Investment Group and the son of Kyiv former mayor Leonid Chernovetskyi, suggested that this case in Spain had been opened because of a certain bias against him as an investor from the former Soviet Union country.