Battalion commander Melnichuk: Aidar Battalion has been disbanded G

Battalion commander Melnichuk: Aidar Battalion has been disbanded Melnichuk claims that Aidar Battalion has already been disbanded
Photo: EPA/UPG
Fighters of the Aidar Battalion are going to picket the Ministry of Defence on January 30.

The commander of Aidar Battalion and People’s Deputy from the Radical Party Sergey Melnichuk says that the battalion has been disbanded.

He reported it to the Apostrophe.

"The battalion was disbanded three days ago. It does not exist according to the documents. The Minister of Defence and the Head of the General Staff say that they have not signed such an order. However, documents confirming that such a unit does not exist as well as the seal of a new unit have already been delivered to the frontline," Melnichuk claims.

The press-secretary of the battalion Yuliya Evdokimova stated in the comment to Ukrainska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth) that it was only planned to disband Aidar Battalion.

"It is disbanded because it is not favourable to have voluntary battalions at the frontline. All voluntary battalions will be re-formatted into other organizations – they will be joined to other brigades or other units (Aidar Battalion is officially subordinate to the Ministry of Defence.  GORDON). Also, they will be thoroughly "purged," she said.

Both Melnichuk and Yevdokimova stated that there will be a picket at the Ministry of Defence building on January 30 so that the battalion would not be disbanded.