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"Cyborg" Marshall: We can handle all the problems and corruption. And if anything goes wrong everyone will be put in jail with shot knees G

Marshal: They thought they would take a half of our country, but they didn't expect Ukrainians would counter their aggression so hard
Photo: Marshal / Facebook

The party of defense of Donetsk Airport nicknamed Marshal believes that there will be peace in Ukraine.

Ukrainians will cope with all the problems, said in a comment to "Gordon" the party of defense of Donetsk Airport nicknamed Marshal.

"We can handle all the problems. And corruption also. If there are some moments, then we should immediately put everyone into jail and shot the knees. The main thing is to record everything on video and audio. That's it! The system of punishment does not work here. If, for example someone took a bribe, and he has some “friends”, the friends will cover him. No one can do anything. Maximum except the journalists will make a report and people will cry out that this person must be punished. The corruption is everywhere, I checked it by myself. But we will deal with it, there are a lot of people who want to have a normal life, we just need to join our forces and work on it, "– said the "cyborg".

Marshal is sure that there will certainly be peace in Ukraine, because no one wanted war inside the country.

"Of course, there will be peace in Ukraine. I am sure, the truth will triumph. We did not spark this war, no one ever wanted it. It is 100% Russia’s fault. Everyone says Putin – not Putin, but in Russia so many people support Putin. Russia is now in critical condition. They thought that under the euphoria of taking Crimea they will take another half of our country. This is not true, because they did not think that Ukrainians would counter so hard their aggression. And we are ready to continue to counter. Soon we will win, and the Russians will go away, and these fool puppets (we call them separatists) either will die of hunger, or flee to Russia, and then the same will start in Russia"– he said.

"Happy New Year! I wish you smiles and candies! Cheer up, never sorrow, never worry!" - Marshal summed up.