Fesenko: Minsk accords reached a deadlock and the EU looks for new opportunities of negotiations with Russia

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The political scientist Vladimir Fesenko considers that an immediate goal of the EU is to prevent of a new round of war and to continue searching for a peaceful way out of the crisis in Ukraine.

Visits of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Kiev and Moscow prove that the EU is actively looking for a new format of negotiations with Russia. The political scientist Vladimir Fesenko dwelt on it in his comment to the "GORDON" .

"The West will pursue a rather flexible policy. It is obvious that there will be an attempt of peaceful settlement of the process and search for a way out of the Minsk deadlock. Steinmeier’s visit to Kiev and then to Moscow evidences that the Minsk negotiations reached a deadlock and that Germany and the European Union are looking for a solution. Either the format of negotiations or the agenda need to be changed. Therefore other formats, including the Geneva one, are discussed," Fesenko noted.

"By means of negotiations, the EU wants to neutralize the possible new surge of the Russian aggression. An immediate goal is to prevent another round of war and to continue searching for a peaceful way out of the current crisis in the east of Ukraine," the political scientist considers.

"Many European politicians consider that, even despite obvious violations of the Minsk accords, qualitatively new sanctions should not be imposed because it is better to save such a strong weapon as a last resort. Sanctions will be like now – rather personal, but not so strong as it was after the tragedy with Malaysian Boeing in August," Vladimir Fesenko declared.

According to the expert, the USA, unlike Europe, are set in a more resolute way may consider delivering weapon to Ukraine very soon.

"The West, in particular the European Union, got used to working by the principle "more for more". They constantly remind Ukraine of it: the more reforms, the more help. The same applies to Russia: the more aggression, the more punishment, that is the more sanctions. But the USA may consider delivering weapon to Ukraine very soon. This subject is now on the agenda. There are certain restrictions, too, and there is no unity in the American administration, but the solution is possible. The USA can act more actively and consistently as compared with the European Union that puts an emphasis on searching a compromise with Russia," Fesenko considers.

"It is also important to understand that it does not only have to do with Russia, but also with Ukraine. The policy of the European Union, first of all, will be aimed at assisting Ukraine to carry out reforms and search for a way out of the current economic situation," the expert emphasized.


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