Garan: The republicans’ victory in the USA increases the chances for supplying weapon to Ukraine and granting it the status of a strategic ally

Alexey Garan
Alexey Garan
Photo: kvedomosti.com

The political scientist Aleksey Garan considers that if the U.S. Congress, where republicans have majority now, will make a decision on providing military aid to Ukraine, it will be difficult for Barack Obama to veto it.

The Ukrainian political scientist and historian Aleksey Garan considers Barack Obama got into a difficult situation after the victory of the Republican Party at the elections to the U.S. Senate. He said it in his comment to the "GORDON".

"As a result of these elections, Obama lost control over the Senate whose House of Representatives was under republicans’ control before. It means quite an unpleasant situation for him as he does not have control in both chambers now. His political opponents have the majority in both chambers now and it limits his scope for maneuvers," Garan considers.

"As for Ukraine, we know that republicans have a more loyal position towards Ukraine and a more rigid position towards Moscow. It is their traditional position. Even before, the Congress, including the democrats, had an understanding that they should provide Ukraine with more assistance," the political scientist noted.

In his opinion, there is a high probability of Ukraine’s receiving new types of support in its conflict with Russia after the Senate has been reformatted.

"There is increased possibility that the Congress will adopt acts that will give Ukraine a chance of receiving weapon and the status of a strategic ally outside the USA. Another thing is that we have to remember that Obama has the right of veto that can be overridden by two thirds in the Congress. But I think that if the Congress adopts the law that provides for granting weapon to Ukraine, it will be difficult for Obama to veto it," Garan added.



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