Mayor of Rava-Ruska Vereshchuk: Deputies of local councils do not attend sessions to avoid getting call-up papers, and average people do not want to fight, either

Vereshchuk believes that patriotism cannot last long without support of the state
Vereshchuk believes that patriotism cannot last long without support of the state 
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The mayor of Rava-Ruska (Lvov region) Irina Vereshchuk considers that people do not want to serve because they do not feel support from the state rather than because of lack of patriotism.

People who get mobilization call-up papers do not understand where they will serve and do dnot know what will happen to their families. The mayor of Rava-Ruska Irina Vereshchuk stated it in the comment to the GORDON .

"It is not the point that people in the west do not want to serve. They do not understand their role and place in the ranks. We distribute call-up papers and every person asks me where he will go and, most importantly, what will happen to his family. Mainly, people who are able to work are called up, i.e. those who are practically the only bread-winners in the family," Vereshchuk considers.

"The situation is critical in my town. Very few people want to serve. And I do not know how to motivate them. Shall I intimidate them with militia and prosecutor’s office? They even go as far as to say that they'd better go to prison than go fighting. It has nothing to do with lack of patriotism. Bare patriotism that has no support or understanding from the state exhausts itself sooner or later. We have survived thanks to volunteers and patriotism for a whole year," the mayor of Rava-Ruska pointed out.

According to Irina Vereshchuk, the problem is that people see someone buy off, and the desire to serve disappears.

"The problem is the lack of regularity: when people see someone buy off, and deputies of local councils such as ours do not attend sessions to avoid getting call-up papers, the desire to go fighting disappears. That won’t do when certain categories of citizens buy a medical certificate and those who cannot afford it go fighting and are thrown to the ATO zone for several months without rest. There is no systematic work in military commissariats so mobilization faces many problems," Vereshchuk declared.

"I will take one day as an example. Around 60 call-up pares were distributed in Rava-Ruska. And only six people received themAll the others were absent or were unable to receive it or had some other reasons. And none of those was called up because each of the six had reasons to avoid mobilization  some had three or more children, some were sick. This is how mobilization looks like," the town mayor added.

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