Nemtsov: Pro-Putin deputies are not suicides to openly cooperate with the aggressor. They generally think about their pockets

Boris Nemtsov
Boris Nemtsov
Photo: Boris Nemtsov/ Facebook

Understanding that open cooperation with the aggressor in the state of war is a dead end, deputies will exercise caution, considers the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov.

The oppositional block is connected with the Russian President Vladimir Putin who will try to use this party for his purposes, such opinion was expressed in the comment to GORDON by the Russian oppositional politician Boris Nemtsov.

"They are not outcast suicides there, after all. They understand that cooperation with the aggressor in the state of war is a dead end. There are ‘really big’ people there – Levochkin and others. They generally think about their pockets. They understand that if they openly work as collaborators, they will be simply imprisoned. It is not their purpose. I think that even if they do it, they will be extremely cautious. Can we possibly assume and believe that the cunning and skilled Rabinovich will be a collaborator and cooperate with Putin, perfectly understanding that he can get to jail for this?!" Nemtsov said.

The politician considers that if, according to the statistics, in Ukraine more than 10%, actually, almost 15% of GDP is spent on pensions, and all taxes and budget payments contribute to 45% of GDP, this is much. "Therefore, it is necessary to reduce social programs, to increase retirement age, to cancel benefits for miners, pensioners. These are very painful and tough reforms. In this sense, of course, the country will not have enough forces and resources to be at war in this situation. Therefore, a position that Putin is a son of a bitch and a swine, but anyway we should not fight against him, but make peace somehow, this position can get a response among many people. If the Oppositional Block adopts it, and most likely, they will adopt it, it is quite a strong electoral position. That is it. And if they simply receive cash in Moscow and carry out what Putin and Medvedev tell them, then they will certainly get to prison," Nemtsov commented.


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