Nemtsov: Today’s arrangements are just a temporary truce. It is very far from the solution of the problem

Nemtsov does not know how long the present truce may last
Nemtsov does not know how long the present truce may last
Photo: Alexander Khomenko / Gordonua.com

According to the Chairman of the Russian oppositional party RPR-PARNAS Boris Nemtsov, supplies of arms and troops to Ukraine may be resumed at any time until the issue of control over border is solved.

Peace settlement of the conflict in Donbass was not achieved in Minsk because the key problem still remain and the present arrangements are only a truce agreement. The Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov said it in the comment to the GORDON .

"I think that it is a truce, not peace. The situation is very fragile and unstable, and it can be broken any time. The key problem is control over the border. Since it is Putin and his bandits who control it until the end of the year, it means that any help, including military aid in the form of supplies of arms and troops may be resumed at any time," Nemtsov believes.

"There are two key points now – absence of control over the border and the vague status of these territories. It makes today’s arrangement a truce, not peace. I do not know how long it will last – maybe, a week or two, maybe a month, maybe two days. It is very far to the solution of the problem. They made some progress, but it is not a peace treaty, but a truce agreement," the politician pointed out.

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