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Parasyuk: The more we speak about the Minsk arrangements, the more we legalize terrorists G

Parasyuk: The more we speak about the Minsk arrangements, the more we legalize terrorists Parasyuk is confident, that there is nothing to talk to the terrorists about
Photo: Volodymyr Parasyuk / Facebook
The captain of the Maidan self-defense and the People's Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk considers that negotiations on peaceful settlement on Donbass need to be held only at the top level between presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

The non-affiliated People's Deputy c considers that it is impossible to conduct negotiations with terrorists as the reached agreements are not carried out. He declared it in the comment to the "GORDON" .

"I adhere to a position that there can be no negotiations with terrorists. If we want to discuss something with someone, put some ultimatums or to negotiate, then we need to enter the martial law in Ukraine, to declare that our enemy is Russia, and to speak about a truce. Nobody will agree with terrorists because we already have numerous examples when our children perished during a truce ",– Parasyuk considers.

The People's Deputy considers that the ex-president Leonid Kuchma has no right to represent Ukraine on peace talks.

"Kuchma is the former president. Who delegated him? What rights does he have? If to speak about any negotiations we will except the negotiations only at the highest official level and with those people who step on us. It is Russia. Putin sits down, Poroshenko sits down, and then they can speak. Otherwise some arrangements somewhere there in Minsk … Poroshenko perhaps delegated him, but the Ukrainian people did not do it. I am not sure that Kuchma is that person who can represent Ukraine at any level",– the deputy noted.

"This looks like throwing dust into eyes. The more we speak about some Minsk arrangements, about negotiations with terrorists, the more we legalize them, we recognize them. These are terrorists, it is necessary to destroy them and to continue the anti-terrorist operation and to clear the country off this evil",– Parasyuk considers.

"We were said by the way that the truce is necessary for carrying out some changes in Armed forces of Ukraine and to improve a condition of army and its rearmament. Rather big period of time has passed already but we still almost changed nothing. I think that we could have finished this war quicker. We already had a good chance, however because of the illiterate management and treachery we've already lost this chance",– Vladimir Parasyuk added.