Attention to Peskov, eat after reading G

Attention to Peskov, eat after reading Dmitry Peskov and Vladimir Putin

Thank you, Mr. Peskov, that you have explained everything so clearly. It turns out that Russia "is nervous" because the NATO is approaching its borders. It turns out that "the Alliance breakes the historical promise, gradually approaching the Russian borders". The columnist of the GORDON Evgeny Kuzmenko analyzes words of the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

By Eugeniy Kuzmenko

And we did not know! We thought that it is Ukrainians who want to join the NATO (reading the latest opinion polls), and the NATO is traditionally turning its nose: guys, there are so many requirements you will hardly meet them all!

But the Kremlin has its gripes in the brain. Its paranoia. "Russia is nervous". It means in the diplomatic language, "The Kremlin has expressed its disserting opinion on a controversial issue".

Aha, we know this dissenting opinion. Do you remember the movie "Foundling"? A movie of the Stalin times. The hysterical and despotic heroine Faina Ranevskaya has a couple of cult phrases there. The first one, "Mulya, do not irritate me!" And then: "Tell me, my child, what you want: to be torn off the head, or go to the cottage house?"

Do you remember? Here, Dmitry Sergeyevich, you and your administration offer: either we go to your cottage house to the Russian world, or you tear off the head.

As a matter of fact, you are already tear it off: the destroyed cities and villages of Donbass, thousands of casualties, one hundred thousands refugees. The deformed consciousness of people millions of whom went through your Goebbels TV.

And all this for the girl to "go to the cottage house"…

And the girl does not want to. This half-insane aunt arouses horror in the girl. The girl is ready to run anywhere far away from this furious smile, from the tenacious grasp by the wrist. From the strong belief that everybody around is wrong, that they are swindlers and enemies …

The problem, Mr. Peskov, is that your Vladimir Vladimirovich has built up a special, half-invented reality of Special Folders. This reality has bribery and blackmail, recruited leaders of the neighboring states, false moustaches and invisible ink, "a shield and a sword" together with "TASS is authorized to declare".

In this reality, protesting citizens go out only because they were bought for money from abroad. Or they were simply made a fool of – in a peculiar way and for the same money.

While the civilized world abolishes borders, develops technologies and builds research centers, security officers are all around in Vladimir Vladimirovich’s reality in the special sterile world on the sixth part of the world territory. It is more comfortable for him, he was taught this way, and it is to late to be retrained at his age…

We Ukrainians would have nothing to do with your distorted reality – but for one thing: we are neighbors. A common border, one language area and the common Soviet past.

However, Dmitry Sergeyevich, your state recognizes this past only in case "the girl goes to the cottage house". Otherwise we are ether refused the right for existence (Dugin), or are suggested getting divided (Zhirinovsky), or are simply promised "to have Kiev seized in two weeks" (Putin), and then start bargaining with the West.

Familiar song. Perhaps, it is for this reason that we are now so close to the Polish: they remember well how two moustaches divided Poland among themselves. However, the owners of these moustaches seized each other by the throat – but it was not easier for Poland. They still shudder. They see what is going on in the east of Ukraine and shudder.

However, the present and the past are very different. Unlike Joseph Vissarionovich, Vladimir Vladimirovich has no partner for a small party. All these well-cared Europeans and Americans look at you with fastidious bewilderment, and expressions of their faces say, for such a price? What for? For the sake of what?

Probably, Mr. Peskov, it is the mission of your country to serve as a scarecrow for all the others. "The Russian people are not good for anything else but conquering the world; it is just a dead if enormous mechanism in the hands of a terrible autocratic monarch… and it seeks to reign because there should be no limit to his sovereignty". These words were said by Marquis de Custin about Nikolay the First but not about Vladimir Putin. Has anything changed since then?

Mr. Peskov, your country has grave hallucination, and the whole world knows about it now. Thank you that you have contributed to this understanding. You may have no doubt: the following opinion poll on the question "Do you want to join the NATO?" will show that there are even more supporters in Ukraine. You have done it, haven’t you?

Yes, and do not forget to eat this letter after reading it. It is a common thing for you security officers.