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Professor Zubov: Attacks suggest many victims, on the other hand, the current truce is merely imitation G

Professor Zubov: Attacks suggest many victims, on the other hand, the current truce is merely imitation Zubov supposes that Russia will not move in troops so far
Photo: newtimes.ru

The Russian historian, philosopher and religious scholar Andrey Zubov considers that Ukraine must repel the enemy’s attacks in Donbass, however, the key to the conflict resolution consists in the peaceful way.

Ex-professor of Moscow State University fired for the criticism of the authorities’ actions, Andrey Zubov declared to the GORDON that he finds it difficult to give a definite answer to the question whether Ukraine must seek a truce or continue attacks.

"It is a very difficult question. Attacks suggest many victims, and I am afraid that Ukraine and its nation will not able to stand such a big number of the wounded and the killed. On the other hand, the current truce is a mere imitation of truce and people are killed anyway, though they are not so many. It is a constant plague anyway," Zubov believes.

"I think that, in the first place, international methods of conflict settlement should be used and pressure upon Russia should be strengthened in order to establish real peace in Southeast Ukraine. As Piotr Poroshenko said repeatedly, there is no military solution to this problem and a peaceful solution will have to be sought after anyway. The more blood is shed the more difficult it will be to establish peace, the more families will feel hatred towards one another. It is a very tragic question and it has no definite answer. On the one hand, all enemy’s attacks must be repelled, on the other hand, peaceful ways of conflict settlement through international structures should be sought after," the scholar noted.

According to Andrey Zubov, Russia is not prepared for a full-fledged military invasion into Ukraine.

"I suppose that Russia is not prepared to move in troops. I also believe that it was not by chance that this message was expressed by Sergey Markov as an absolutely unserious and unrespected person in Russia. If it unleashes a full-fledged war, full-flown sanctions will be imposed, too. In the first place, sanctions against the rouble convertibility, therefore, use of the international payment system will be disrupted and the country will collapse," Zubov reported.

Yesterday, terrorists in Donbass fired at Ukrainian positions in the ATO zone 102 times.

Against the background of the aggravated opposition in the conflict zone in Donbass, the Russian command is trying to coordinate DNR and LNR terrorist organizations.