Rogovtseva: When I go to the country and watch only Ukrainian channels, I can well die of it

Ada Rogovtseva
Ada Rogovtseva
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There are many bad Russian series and just as many bad programs of domestic production on the Ukrainian TV, considers the honorary actress of the USSR, Hero of Ukraine Ada Rogovtseva.

It is necessary to forbid those Russian series that propagandize violence and exceptionality of the nation, the honorary actress of the USSR, Hero of Ukraine Ada Rogovtseva stated in the comment to the GORDON.

 "I do not think that the Russian series enrich us culturally in any way, but why forbid?! And what will we have instead? An enormous web is involved here. Of course, there are many very bad series, but there are just as many bad Ukrainian programs. My God, my God, my God! When I go to the country and watch only Ukrainian channels, I can well die of it. No matter how good or bad the Culture channel is in Russia, but it gives at least 80% of universal contents: both informational and spiritual," Rogovtseva reported.

In her opinion, there are a lot of talented people in Ukraine who need to gather and do something concrete in this sphere. "It is necessary to screen and sort everything out. They’d better do that with such eagerness. Of course, no "Cops". I have a friend in the village, she is constantly watching these "Cops". I tell her, "What is there to look at: mean, terrible, ugly faces, ridiculous contents. A disaster. What are you watching?" And she is already "on the hook". A fairly clever person, an elderly person, and she got addicted. Therefore, I am for with one hand, and against with the other," said the actress.

Rogovtseva considers that it is possible to create a committee, which will define cultural value of the programs as there are also quite good programs and movies.

"Here in the village, I watched several series of "The House with Lilies", this not quite a decent show, it is an analysis of the reality. All the shit should be removed from the screen, it is sure. Everything that propagandizes violence, the exceptionality of the nation, it is always dangerous. If there is too much of this and nothing instead – it is a big trouble," the actress expressed her point of view.

"I was watching "The Brave Hearts" by Akhtem yesterday. It is divine what they have created! When seven cyborgs are sitting, boys who you are ready to give your life for immediately, without hesitation. It is well done. But there are so few programs like this," Rogovtseva said.

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