General Romanenko: Putin feels nostalgic for the power of the USSR and therefore rattles the saber before the whole world

Igor Romanenko
Igor Romanenko
Photo: politica-ua.com

The former deputy chief of the General Staff, lieutenant general Igor Romanenko considers that the provocative flights of the Russian aircraft over Europe is a demonstration of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire to restore the influence of Soviet times.

Lieutenant general Igor Romanenko considers that Vladimir Putin continues to have strong impact on the world politics and the increasingly frequent provocations involving the Russian armed forces is a show of muscle to the rest of the world. Romanenko said this in his comment to the GORDON.

"Russia systematically maintains its influence on European and world affairs, first of all military ones. Who was found the most influential person of the world in the previous and current years? Putin, the paramount enemy of our state and people, unfortunately. If he used his abilities and talents for the sake of the Russian people and the Slavic world, it would be better for everybody, including Russia," Romanenko declared.

"But Putin follows another way. Today, on the anniversary of the October revolution, I can tell that this system has been in place since the Soviet Union. When there was little nuclear weapon, there were few rockets and the Soviet Union did not reach parity with America in terms of strategic nuclear weapon, but it was still necessary to show muscles and power. That is why bombers went up and nuclear submarines set to see at that time; yes, there were fewer of them, but they went to the U.S. coast. Thus influence was shown and exerted," the lieutenant general noted.

According to Igor Romanenko, Putin feels nostalgic for the Soviet times and he has serious weapon that he can boast to the rest of the world.

"Putin revived this Soviet tradition because, probably, everybody knows his nostalgia for the Soviet Union and Russia that would influence the whole world. He officially commented on it more than once. And he tries to maintain this state in all respects. First of all, it is done in the military sector. It should be noted that, frankly speaking, they have serious weapon he can boast, and Putin is successfully doing this, giving orders to the armed forces," Romanenko considers.


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