Ruban: There are all arrangements on prisoner exchange, but the process is delayed until the meeting in Minsk

Prisoners should not depend on political negotiations, Ruban considers
Prisoners should not depend on political negotiations, Ruban considers
Photo: Radio Svoboda

As was noted by the Head of the Center for Prisoner Exchange, war prisoners cannot be used as a political tool.

The meeting of the contact group between the representatives of Ukraine and the separatists in Minsk must be held as soon as possible because it will expedite the process of prisoner exchange that has already been arranged. The Head of the Officer Corps organization Vladimir Ruban who conducts negotiations on prisoner exchange said it in the comment to the GORDON .

"This meeting of the contact group is necessary at least to give the go-ahead for the second stage of prisoner exchange. It cannot be delayed any further. Everything has been arranged concerning prisoners of war, but the process is delayed in order to demonstrate some results at the meeting in Minsk," Ruban pointed out.

"As a matter of fact, the Donetsk side considers that even military actions and fierce combats cannot hinder the exchange. Intensive military actions do not influence this process unlike the meetings of high-ranking politicians in Minsk. Last time, we had to wait until December 9 to exchange prisoners only on December 26. Prisoners of war remained in captivity for three weeks until the Minsk meeting was over. The second exchange was to have taken place until the end of the Christmas holidays, the deadline was January 15. However, negotiations were not held, and the exchange of prisoners did not take place. It happened so just because a meeting of a contact group did not take place. The technical aspect was arranged long ago," the general added.

Vladimir Ruban also commented on the possible involvement of the former Head of the Presidential Administration Victor Medvedchuk.

"Prisoners cannot be used as warfare or a political tool. Prisoner exchange was tied to the involvement of Medvedchuk in the Minsk accords. They should not suffer only for Medvedchuk to return to politics," Ruban noted.

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