Semivolos: It is important that there was no temptation to use act of terrorism in Charlie Hebdo to start anti-Islamic hysteria

Semivolos: I do not want to generalize, but France and terror go nearby, there is such a problem in their culture.
Semivolos: I do not want to generalize, but France and terror go nearby, there is such a problem in their culture. 
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The director of the Center of Middle Eastern researches Igor Semivolos reported that meanwhile there are no prerequisites to consider that the world is on the threshold of Christian and Islamic war.

Society has to take measures not to fall after act of terrorism in Paris into anti-Islamic hysteria, the director of the center of Middle Eastern researches Igor Semivolos told in the comment to  "GORDON".

"We already saw yesterday's spontaneous reaction of people who took to the streets. Personally for me such a reaction is a demonstration of ideas on which world possesses: solidarity, sympathy and first of all justice. It is important in this affective state, to which society got, not to fall into temptation to use this case to start anti-Islamic hysteria. Especially it concerns ultra-right movements and the organizations that exist both in France, and all around Europe. It should be avoided surely", – the expert told.

According to him, there are no prerequisites to consider that the world appeared on the verge of Christian and Islamic war.

"There is an impression that the policy of multiculturalism of Merkel has failed. But I do not see prerequisites to consider that today the world is on the threshold of Christian-Islamic war. As for these terrorists, it is necessary to understand here that if found documents belong to them, so all of them were born in France, at least, two of them are French since the birth and have the French nationality. Their formation as people – is a product of the French culture, but not some another. It is necessary to look for the roots in that society in which they were growing up. It is necessary to ask the society, first of all: why it happens that citizens of the state where they were born, and got the corresponding education, suddenly became terrorists.", – Semivolos said.

According to the expert, the French culture the terror problem has risen long time ago.

"I do not want to generalize, but France and terror go nearby, there is such a problem in their culture. It is necessary to understand what pushed those people to such actions, why those people decided to act in such a way, what mechanisms they lack in society to secure them against manifestations of terrorism. Though I absolutely agree that it is impossible to foresee all cases and that the person often acts irrationally and that the threat of terrorism exists always in society where information technologies are developed. I would ask this question first of all, and then all others which, I think, the western press will ask", – he reported.

"The individual terrorism is not new, it was the first one. We see, that in Ukraine acts of terrorism happen almost daily. Another thing is that so far, fortunately, they are mainly without the human victims, but even these acts of terrorism are directed on destabilization, shaking of a situation and intimidation. But who will give a guarantee that other acts of terrorism will not end up with the human victims?", – the expert declared.

Semivolos considers that the Ukrainian society did not get used to thought of possibility of diversions in the country yet.

"For society it is much more difficult to counteract terror when the country stays in a state of war, though not declared one. On the one hand, it is more difficult, and on the other hand – simpler. The Security service of Ukraine has more powers for the prevention of acts of terrorism, but we have a huge territory, and society is not ready and does not show necessary attention to it. Society is still weakened, it does not feel a threat of diversions, a danger fully, and on this background acts of terrorism are possible. Even if there were extremely powerful intelligence service, it all the same could not guarantee absence of acts of terrorism in the conditions of hybrid war when it is a front line nearby where there are military operations", – the expert concluded.

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