Shenderovich was surprised to find out that there are two Putins. And one of them is looking now for a peaceful settlement of the plan of another one

Shenderovich: There is one Putin, who started the war. And somewhere lives another Putin - peacemaker, anxious peace searcher
Shenderovich: There is one Putin, who started the war. And somewhere lives another Putin -  peacemaker, anxious peace searcher
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"GORDON’s" columnist, satirist Viktor Shenderovich reflects on the hard work of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue of settlement of the war in the east of Ukraine.

by Viktor Shenderovich 

Two in One

Moscow has been working on finding a peaceful settlement to the south-east of Ukraine events with a focus on the peace plan of President Vladimir Putin, "Interfax" was reported by a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Truly, this is a picture full of genuine drama - the search for a peaceful settlement by Putin in the south-east of Ukraine, and not anyhow, but due to Putin's plan ...

There is an old anecdote about a psychiatrist who got lucky with the patient because of a split personality, and was paid by both ...

Consequently, there is a Putin, who unleashed this war and continues to lead it. And at the same time somewhere near there is a Putin - peacemaker, anxious peace searcher.

If this second one rose to his full height and just slapped the first one, war would cease in Ukraine, it should be noted, by itself, within a week. But the problem is that the second Putin - a timid and restless man, and always consults the first one (it should be noted that the first one is complete scoundrel).

- My friend, - he says from his humanitarian corner - how to stop this war?

- Due to my plan - meagrely responds the first one, without looking up from the map of hostilities.

- Oh, it's ... what the plan then?

Then the first one looks up at the second and looks at him carefully and fastidiously.

- Are you stupid or what?

- No, - the second answers tentatively.

First one silently waves his hand and leans over the map.

- Come on, - the second moans. - Tell me what the plan for that?

- To leave it like it is! - roughly responds the first one. - I want all of them to leave me alone! - ... Got it?

- Ah, - said the second - yes, I realized ...

- So make up the decision in this direction - the first admonishes him and makes a short hand sign, stopping audience. And the second one is leaving to seek a peaceful settlement in that direction.

The difference between this story and the anecdote narrated above, is that both Russia and Ukraine are paying for severe mental lord.

We have paid already with five thousand lives and a half million refugees. We have paid with the future inevitable degradation of the vast country and the hell in the neighbouring, yesterday friendly country ...

And only the devil knows what will be in the near future.

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