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Terror out of ATO. The chronicle of explosions and diversions in Kharkov and Odessa G

Terror out of ATO. The chronicle of explosions and diversions in Kharkov and Odessa The danger persists in Ukraine even outside the ATO zone
Photo: 1news.com.ua

From September, 2014 to January, 2015 in Kharkov and Odessa there were more than 30 diversions and acts of terrorism the majority from which remain uninvestigated so far. "GORDON" created timeline of acts of terrorism in two most hot spots of Ukraine outside zone ATO.


September 8

At about 4 am unknown people fired with the grenade launcher the building down the street of Sokolov where Ordzhonikidzev and Frunze district military registration and enlistment offices of the city of Kharkov are located. Attack was conducted with the shoulder launcher "Muha". The windows were broken out in the building, the plaster was sprinkled in the rooms. None of military and civil workers of a military registration and enlistment office suffered. The prosecutor's office of the Kharkov area qualified this attack of military registration and enlistment offices as an act of terrorism.

Фото: Слава Мавричев / Facebook Photo: Slava Mavrichev / Facebook

September 12

Four tanks with jet fuel which were part of the cargo train lit up in Kharkov at a railway station "Osnova". Regional management of SBU opened criminal proceedings under the article "diversion".

Фото: telegraph.com.ua Photo: telegraph.com.ua

September 17

Unknown people attacked a checkpoint near Kharkov. On the route towards Chuguev at a traffic police checkpoint officers-on-duty were fired with the machine gun. One of the fighters got wounded and was sent to hospital.

September 26

Unknown people fired from the grenade launcher the office of the Kharkov volunteer, lawyer Oleg Golovkov that is located down the street of Lebedinska, 3.

Фото: sq.com Photo: sq.com

October 15

In Kharkov two men tried to set fire to the branch of the bank "Privatbank". During working off of the adjacent territory the law enforcement authorities noticed two guys in a camouflage and balaklavas which. Those men after having seen the police car ran in different directions. One of malefactors managed to be detained. On interrogation he told that within the last year he is the active participant of the pro-Russian mass actions.

Фото: mvs.gov.ua Photo: mvs.gov.ua

October 19

Unknown person at about 19.40 made two shots from the jet anti-tank grenade launcher on warehouses of fuels and lubricants of military unit. As a result of incident there were no victims, ignition of warehouses and destructions of buildings did not happen. A criminal case under the article "diversion" was opened.

November 9

Late at night in the Kharkov rock pub "Wall" there was an explosion. As a result 11 people got wounded. The security service of Ukraine qualified an event as an act of terrorism and declared that the plastic bomb was used. On November 17 the head of security service of Ukraine Valentin Nalivaychenko reported about detention of members of the prospecting and diversionary group involved in explosion in a pub.

Фото: atn.ua Photo: atn.ua

November 16

The sellers noticed the suspicious suitcase wound with an adhesive tape in a shop opposite to the Station square. Unknown people got the suitcase from the car and left before an entrance near the shop and a drugstore. The Ministries of Emergency Situations and sappers carried out partial evacuation, surrounded all Slavyanskaya Street and a part of Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. The suspicious suitcase was only a bait; sappers by means of a guard dog managed to find 10 kg of trotyl inside the shop.

Фото: obozrevatel.com Photo: obozrevatel.com

November 17

Saboteurs who prepared act of terrorism at plant of Malyshev during stay for delegation from the Netherlands there are detained. The detained inhabitant of Kharkov with a nom-de-guerre "Zed" who was enlisted by the Russian intelligence services told about the preparing explosion. Her Russian curator reported that on November 8 in Kharkov there will be the Dutch delegation which will visit plant of Malyshev. "I was obliged to put the explosive device near the plant on a transit of this delegation and to make it work", – the detainee noted.


November 20

A powerful explosion thundered in the center of Kharkov, near military hospital. Its sounds were audible in many districts of the city. Terrorists used the sticking mine (SPM) near the power substation on Trinkler Street. The adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko reported that as a result of incident nobody suffered. The prosecutor's office of Kharkov qualified explosion as deliberate damage of property.

Фото: dozor.kharkov.ua Photo: dozor.kharkov.ua

November 21

According to security service and prosecutor's office, the subversive and terrorist group "Kharkov Guerrillas" worked in the Kharkov area within five months. It was succeeded to find out participation of members of the organization in commission of 12 diversions.

The head of department of security service of Ukraine in the Kharkov area Alexander Pivovar noted that there can be more groups. According to him, law enforcement authorities got to know from the detained members of group that not all saboteurs arrived to the Kharkov area from Russia after special training in camps. Most of participants of group are from Kharkov, the participants of the anti-Maidan movement.

November 21

Residents of the settlement of Zhikhar (Kharkov) heard an explosion at around 22.30. Employees of Osnova station declared that explosion sounded over tanks with fuels and lubricants. Railroad tracks, power lines and railway tanks did not suffer.

November 24

The security service of Ukraine detained two terrorists who were planning to undermine regional department of police in one of the densely populated districts of Kharkov. Criminals of 1964 and 1972 year of birth are connected with authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – the senior worked as the district police officer in office which they planned to undermine; younger was earlier dismissed from police. The "sticking" mine of SPM which they planned to use for act of terrorism was found in the house of one of terrorists.

November 24

On the street the Poltava way around the Cold Mountain subway a strong explosion thundered. Inhabitants of nearby houses reported that explosion was so strong that glasses in windows strongly jingled. Explosion damaged buildings of military unit 017, windows of private apartments on the first and third floors, and also private cars. The police began criminal proceedings on h. 2nd Art. 194 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (deliberate destruction or damage of property).

Фото: info-center.od.ua Photo: info-center.od.ua

November 25

SSU declared that explosions which happened in Kharkov recently, were coordinated by the Russian intelligence services. The head of SSU Valentin Nalivaychenko declared that the latest events in Kharkov specify that the threat of terrorism in the city remains.

December 7

The prospecting group of Special Forces "East case" detained the man who prepared explosion on a place of gathering of participants of the Veche of the Euromaidan gathering on the occasion of establishment in the city of a memorable stone by the dead for Ukraine in Kharkov. During detention the malefactor showed resistance, but he was neutralized and transferred to security service specialists of Ukraine.

December 9

At night in Youth park of Kharkov the memorable cross to soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army was blown up. The police opened case of deliberate destruction of property. 

Фото: mignews.com.ua Photo: mignews.com.ua

December 25

On Thursday, December 25, in Kharkov an explosion in furniture studio "Azhur" on Rymarskaya Street, 3/5 thundered. Incident is qualified as deliberate damage of property by explosion. The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the adviser to the Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko declared that one of versions of blasting – volunteer activity of shop owners.

Фото: dozor.kharkov.ua Photo: dozor.kharkov.ua



September 13

The security service of Ukraine detained three members of terrorist group in Odessa. Locals of Odessa for remuneration of $50 thousand prepared a series of resonant crimes.

Among the plans of terrorists, in particular, was an act of terrorism in a crowded place near the central office of one of banking institutions, and also murder of public activists. Responsibility for acts of terrorism, on a plan of malefactors, the mythical organization "Ukrainian Red Army" had to assume.

Фото: sbu.gov.ua Photo: sbu.gov.ua

September 29

Railway tracks were blasted in Odessa region. The message from the worker of the militarized protection of the Odessa railroad came to a call center of linear department at Odessa-main station. The man heard the sound similar to the explosion which thundered on one of nonbasic ways of station "Odessa-Peresyp". On the view of a railway track they found traces of explosion of an unknown subject. As a result, one of railway arrows was damaged. The movement of railway transport did not stop. No one suffered.

Фото: otkat.od.ua Photo: otkat.od.ua

October 15

At night unknown people threw the grenade into office of the Malinovsky regional organization of Batkivshchina party. There were some people inside, nobody suffered. The glasses were beat out with a wave of a blast, the office equipment and documentation is damaged. As well as the cars parked nearby.


October 20

In Odessa region SSU detained a group of terrorists planning a series of acts of terrorism and protest actions for destabilization of a situation in the region. Four locals – members of the Kulikovo field organization, three from them are known by the nicknames Wood, Talib and Intellectual. The Odessa terrorists were trained to work with explosive and to conduct combat operations in the conditions of the city in the occupied Crimea. After preparation they had to return to Odessa and start diversions.

Фото: sbu.gov.ua Photo: sbu.gov.ua

October 20

According to the chief of legal department of "Ukrzaliznytsia" Oleg Titov, 20 armed people on the armored personnel carrier tried to seize one of divisions of the Odessa railroad. Attackers injured protectors and the staff of the enterprise.

October 22

In Odessa SSU detained three participants of criminal group which prepared acts of terrorism on objects of transport infrastructure of area, in particular, on the railway bridge and in military unit, on the eve of early elections in the Verkhovna Rada. Malefactors were caught "on hot" when they assembled the improvised explosive device. During searches in a utility room where malefactors made explosive, field investigators found and withdrew five plastic bags fastened with an adhesive tape with self-made explosive mix weighing 16 kg and accessories for detonators.

Фото: sbu.gov.ua Photo: sbu.gov.ua

October 24

SSU established that the diversionary group "LNR" prepared provocations in Odessa on the eve of elections. "LNR" selected to this group the militants, who took part in mass riots on May 2 in Odessa, had skills of blasting work (were able to handle explosive and combustible substances). Terrorists also had combat training in training camp in the territory of the Rostov region.

December 3

On the night of December 3 in Odessa there was an explosion near the shop of the Ukrainian symbolics on Malaia Arnautska Street. Field investigators managed to establish that the device without cover, with power about 200 grams in a trotyl equivalent exploded. As a result of explosion the Mitsubishi car parked nearby was seriously damaged. The police began criminal proceedings upon explosion in the Odessa shop "Patriot" on sign sp.1 Art. 258 (act of terrorism).

Фото: odessit.ua Photo: odessit.ua

December 10

On the night of December 10 in Odessa in office center on Admiral's prospect a strong explosion thundered. Power of the explosive device corresponded about 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent. The room which was rented by the volunteer organization "Dalia's Hundred Severin", is almost completely destroyed. The surveillance camera recorded as the unknown woman leaves explosive near office of volunteers.


December 23

Around 18.00 in Odessa a firecracker was thrown under the car with the Ukrainian flag that was parked near the office of the evromaydan organization "Council of Public Safety" was. The incident happened on the street of Zhukovsky, 36, near the downtown. Euromaidan protesters saw the criminal who put the explosive device and rushed to a pursuit, however he managed to run. Activists of public organization declared that malefactors planned the second, more powerful explosion. The office of "Council of public safety" was not damaged.


December 24

There was an explosion on railway tracks around Zastava-1 station. According to law enforcement agencies, unknown people put under a rail the explosive device which worked during the movement of the shunting locomotive. The driver of a locomotive stopped when he heard a pat. The train did not derail, there are no victims. As a result of explosion the concrete cross tie and a rail are damaged.

On December 24 on a highway Odessa roadside – Kuchurgany the 55-year-old inhabitant of the Dnestr Moldavian republic was found dead. The self-made sensors found at the dead are identical to the ones withdrawn during inspection of the scene on a stage Odessa – the Outpost-1.

Фото: timer.od.ua Photo: timer.od.ua

December 26

The unknown man fell a victim to the explosion which thundered in the night of December 27 on Segedskaya Street. The windows were broken out by a blast wave in the houses located in the neighbourhood. The sound of explosion was audible practically in all districts of the city.

Police declared that, most likely, the terrorist fell a victim to explosion. By preliminary investigation it is established that the unidentified citizen aged about 45 years moved and transferred in hands luggage in which, most likely, there was an explosive device. During the movement there was an uncontrollable explosion as a result of which the spoiled man's body was thrown away on ten meters on a carriageway with a blast wave.

SSU does not exclude that the man who was lost as a result of explosion in Odessa could steal explosive in the military academy located nearby. The People's Deputy from Blok of Petro Poroshenko, the former chairman of the Odessa regional council Alexey Goncharenko told that, according to indications of eyewitnesses, the man was already dead at the time of explosion as there was no blood, and some parts of a body had signs of rigor mortis.

Фото: hromadske.od.ua Photo: hromadske.od.ua

December 29

The Odessa policemen found the whole arsenal of ammunition and the unmanned aerial vehicle in the car parked down the street of Lanzheronovskaya. There was a sign on the bus "The car takes part in zone ATO", the registration numbers were from Lvov.

Фото: mvs.gov.ua Photo: mvs.gov.ua

January 3

At station Odessa-Peresyp the driver of an electric locomotive found on the fourth way under the car tank a spill of gasoil. Specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs found out that the opening in the tank appeared as a result of a detonation of the explosive device. Blasting the tank is qualified as an act of terrorism.

Фото: svit24.net Photo: svit24.net

January 4

There was an explosion in the evening near the Coordination center of the help to fighters of anti-terrorist operation in Odessa. The party UDAR and patriotic businessmen of Odessa declared a reward of 100 thousand UAH for data on the persons involved in the last acts of terrorism against the volunteer organizations of the city. The police intend to qualify an event as an act of terrorism.

Фото: hromadske.od.ua Photo: hromadske.od.ua