Lugansk journalist Torba: "DNR" managed to do what Ukraine has not done for 20 years – they started legalizing makeshift coalmines G

Lugansk journalist Torba: "DNR" managed to do what Ukraine has not done for 20 years – they started legalizing makeshift coalmines Valentin Torba
Photo: Valentin Torba / Facebook
There is no point in expecting the population to start active resistance against fighters, only incapable elderly people suffer from hunger, considers the Lugansk journalist Valentin Torba.

Terrorists have enough means for living; moreover, they took makeshift coalmines under their control, the Lugansk journalist Valentin Torba said in an interview to GORDON.

"We should admit that "DNR" managed to do what Ukraine has not done for 20 – they started legalizing makeshift coalmines. It is terrible! They imposed their own tax, no matter what we may call it – racket, duty or tax, but they registered all makeshift coalmines. It is a paradox for me. Why have not we done it for 20 years? Why did we allow Efremov and Korolevskaya to make such a mess with these coalmines? And these bandits with machine guns have done what we could not do," he said.

According to the journalist, it is time for Kiev to start fighting for its territory.

"We should not expect that people there will start crying and will want to return to Ukraine. Such statements are a basis for the speculation of Russian propaganda. Tomorrow they will take a hungry elderly lady from the fifth floor and will tell how "the junta humiliates pensioners". Kiev has to think what it is. Bessarab market or a capital. It should fight for its territory. I do not justify these morons; I say that racket is part of their society. And the society has survived the 90s with racket. But we could not eliminate bureaucracy and corruption," he said.

Torba considers that the terrorists are threatened by other terrorists because Russian troops keep coming to Ukraine. Russian soldiers and Cossacks force out the locals that took the arms.

"Therefore, we can hope for their internal conflicts. And it is a fact that the people there are completely deprived of civil rights, unarmed and helpless. It should be understood who exactly suffers from hunger. Only elderly men and women who are not able to influence anything suffer from hunger. They were able to go vote for communists before, but they are incapable of a revolt. They can be used as a cover sometimes. To be honest, I do not believe in real ability of these people to defend their rights. Another thing is that it should to be used to tell the whole world about the bloody adventure in the east," Torba said.

According to the journalist, the Ukrainian authorities need to be more selective in their words.

"I do not know the intentions of the Ukrainian authorities, but I can say that there is a number of absolutely thoughtless statements that the authorities in the capital need to be more careful with. Putin waits for the capital to say, "We will not take care of these citizens" and to admit that they are not Ukrainian citizens, not paying pensions on their card accounts. It is what Putin waits for because there will be a question of civic consciousness and statehood," Torba reported.

According to the journalist, there are products in Lugansk shops, but the population cannot buy them.

"There is everything people need on the counters in Lugansk. Yesterday there were even cakes in the shops, another thing is that people cannot buy them because they have no money. Bandits money will always have money and they will not suffer from it. Who will suffer is an elderly woman from the fifth floor who cannot go down and do anything and who has nobody around. There are great difficulties with transfer of money, but Kiev must say that they are our citizens and that we will never forget about them," he declared.