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Top friends. Countries that supported Ukraine in 2014 G

Top friends. Countries that supported Ukraine in 2014 Petro Poroshenko with Czech, Slovak and Hungarian colleagues

Photo: ERA

The past year has been extremely difficult for Ukraine. After the defection of President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 Ukraine was on the verge of default, and the beginning of spring fighting in the eastern territories only made matters worse. The international community reacted to the events in Ukraine in different ways: some have expressed concern, others – provided real help. "Gordon" made the list of top friends Ukraine in 2014 and explains for what they have earned this status.


The European Union

The first to provide financial assistance to Ukraine proposed the countries of the European Union. It is the EU organized a donor forum to provide assistance to Ukraine in coordination with the United States, Japan, China, Canada and Turkey. Former European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that the condemnation of Russia's actions and assistance to Ukraine should become a thing of the world, noting that the EU is ready to provide a loan of € 1 billion. Countries - EU Member States have provided support to Ukraine in the form of financial and humanitarian assistance. In addition, during the year the EU imposed a number of sanctions against Russia , and against annexed Crimea . In December they gave Ukraine the second tranche of € 500 million.

Главы правительств стран-членов ЕС. Фото: ЕРА The Heads of governments of the states - member of EU Photo: ERA


The United States of America - one of the first countries to condemn the policy of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine. During the year, the US government provided funds to Ukraine, as well as humanitarian aid and non-lethal weapons . However, one of the most effective forms of assistance to Ukraine from the United States were sanctions against Russia. In December, the US adopted the "Ukraine Freedom Support Act", including the expansion of military support - providing anti-tank and other weapons, anti-artillery radar, unmanned aerial vehicles and other military equipment. The state budget expenditure on these items amounted to $ 100 million in the 2015 fiscal year and $ 125 million for the years of 2016 and 2017. In 2014, the United States provided 20% more visas to Ukrainians, compared with 2013 year. To sum up, the last year the United States provided Ukraine more than $ 450 million.

Петр Порошенко на встрече с Бараком Обамой. Фото: ЕРА Petro Poroshenko on the meeting with Barak Obama. Photo: ERA


The Canadian government last year introduced a series of sanctions against Russia in connection with its aggression, as well as transferred funds to Ukraine in the amount of more than $ 11 million. Canada has allocated non-lethal weapons, protective equipment and money for the treatment of the Ukrainian military. In addition, the government announced its intention to offer Ukraine a lethal weapon if there is a permission from NATO. The Government of Canada has renewed dialogue on free trade zone with Ukraine and will provide a loan of 200 million Canadian dollars. 

Петр Порошенко в канадском парламенте во время официального визита в страну. Фото: ukurier.gov.ua Petro Poroshenko in the Canadian Parliament during the official visit to the country. Photo: ukurier.gov.ua


The official position of the Polish Government in relation to Ukraine has repeatedly demonstrated through deeds. In addition to the transfers of funds Poland also allocated logistical assistance worth over € 3 million, as well as funds for treatment and rehabilitation of ATO fighters. Only for medications Poles provided $ 500 thousand. Several dozen of fighters and activists of the National Guard of Euromaidan have been treated and rehabilitated in Poland. The country also expressed concern over the fate of internally displaced people, providing them with financial assistance in the amount of $ 1 million. Poland supported the sanctions against the Russian Federationratified an agreement with the EU and stated its willingness to sell Ukraine lethal weapons. At the end of the year Ukrainian and Polish governments agreed to establish a joint customs and military-technical production . Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine formed a joint military unit in the autumn.

Петр Порошенко с польским президентом Брониславом Коморовским. Фото: ЕРА Petro Poroshenko woth the Polish president Bronislav Komarovsky. Photo: ERA

Czech Republic

The Czech government has repeatedly devoted financial aid to Ukraine, the total amount of which is more than $ 2 million. In addition, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic directed winter uniforms for the Ukrainian army and transferred funds for the treatment of Ukrainian activists , and later - the wounded soldiers. The country has also taken on the treatment and rehabilitation of several dozen citizens of Ukraine who were wounded in the area of ATO, and some activists who suffered during Euromaidan, and granted political asylum. The Czech government in 2014 decided to simplify procedures for obtaining visas for Ukrainians.


The Government of Japan has provided $ 1.5 Ukraine economic aid and another $ 7 million - for the restoration of the social infrastructure of Donbass affected by the war. In addition, the country has invested heavily into the implementation of nine projects in Ukraine in the fields of education and health. In October, the Japanese government has canceled the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with the events on the east of Ukraine.

Петр Порошенко и глава МИД Японии Фумио Кисида. Фото: president.gov.ua Petro Poroshenko and Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. Photo: president.gov.ua


The position of the Lithuanian government in 2014 can be called as one of the most courageous. Supported by a number of European sanctions against Russia, Lithuania also announced the introduction of national sanctions and its readiness to completely abandon the use of Russian gas. In addition, the Government of Lithuania ratified the agreement between Ukraine and the EU and they also offered their help to Ukrainian government in building a terminal for liquefied natural gas. During the year, Lithuania took on the treatment and rehabilitation of several dozen Ukrainians and declared its readiness to take at least another 50 wounded soldiers in 2015. The Lithuanian government also provides numerous humanitarian aid for both fighters ATO and for internally displaced people . To improve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, Lithuania has allocated 420 thousand litas, and for treatment of Ukrainians - 150 thousand litas.

Петр Порошенко с президентом Литвы Далей Грибаускайте. Фото: president.lt Petro Poroshenko with Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė. Photo: president.lt

United Kingdom

UK rather sharply condemned Russia's policy towards Ukraine. The country's leaders called on Russia to respect the choice of the Ukrainians, noting that a further escalation of the conflict could lead to the war between Russia and NATO. In particular, Prince William called destabilization on the Donbas a threat to the whole Europe. During the year, the British government sent to Ukraine several parties of humanitarian cargo, including winter clothes and medical property, as well as non-lethal weapons . The size of the British financial assistance to Ukraine for the solution of the situation on the Donbas was a million pounds. Also, the country adopted for the treatment of five Ukrainian army men.


Germany, during the previous year has made great efforts for a political solution to the crisis, has proved to be a reliable partner for Ukraine. In addition to the introduction of a number of sanctions against the Russian Federation, about 3% of German companies abandoned business in Russia. The German government has also sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine for more than $ 12 million and provided a € 2,5 million for the restoration of Ukrainian cities, the victims of the war. Several dozen of ATO fighters have been on treatment and rehabilitation in Germany. On 1 November 2014 the government of this country has abolished the visa fee for Ukrainians.

Президент Петр Порошенко с канцлером Германии Ангелой Меркель. Фото: ЕРА The president Petro Poroshenko with german chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: ERA