Dmitriy Korchynskiy: during the last years people got used to expressing their protest in such a way like yesterday near the Verkhovna Rada

Dmitriy Korchynskiy
Dmitriy Korchynskiy
Photo: Dmitriy Korchynskiy / Facebook

People's protests should lead to the renewal of government, at the same time they must be radical enough, considers the leader of Bratstvo organization Dmitriy Korchynskiy.

‘People’s protests in Ukraine will continue,’ the leader of Bratstvo organization stated in his comments for GORDON.

‘I do not think that the action of conscripts was planned. These soldiers who came to the Presidential Administration, are themselves scoundrels and rats, they did not have to be organized. And what happened near the Verkhovna Rada …Truly, people are unhappy, they have lots of claims to the Verkhovna Rada. They have got used to express their protest in such a way for the previous year,’ Korchinskiy said

In his opinion, such actions must lead to the renewal of government and decrease in corruption because the government will not change for the better without people’s protests and pressure from below. ‘Certainly, there are unscrupulous people who will benefit from such actions, but they are everywhere. This does not mean that we should stop making the art, although there are unscrupulous people also in this area, and even the people of the sexual orientation that is not pleasant for us. We need art and we also need people's protests, because without them the country does not really change. At the same time, they must be radical enough in order to influence something,’ supposes Korchinskiy.

‘Yes, and what was special about what we saw yesterday, something that we didn’t see during last years? It was business as usual, nothing terrible happened, except the fact that many of the participants were arrested. That's bad, it's a new move from the authorities. But we need to get used to it, because it means that the protests will continue,’ he said.

In reply to the claims that people saw his wife in the crowd during the protests near the Rada, Korchinskiy said that she was in Sartan near Mariupol that day, where she got under the fire from the "Grad" system.

‘All our activists are now near Mariupol and act in cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions. My wife is the medical coordinator of sector "M", is now engaged in helping wounded civilians in hospitals and in Sartan. And I am now staying in Mariupol, too,’ Korchinskiy declared.

On October 14, activists came to the Verkhovna Rada building demanding adoption of anti-corruption laws. It was quiet first, but skirmishes had started by the noon: strangers began throwing smoke pots.

Unknown provokers then opened fire at the windows of the Verkhovna Rada.

Svoboda and the Right Sector claimed their non-involvement in these provocations. Oleg Tiagnybok that it is Viktor Medvedchuk who is to blame for all disorders. People’s deputy from the Batkivshchyna faction Vladimir Ariev is convinced that the fight near the Verkhovna Rada was arranged by Dmitriy Korchinskiy’s organization. Korchinskiy himself disproved these accusations in his interview for GORDON.

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