Borovoy: Illarionov lies claiming that I was involved in the murder of my friend Dzhokhar Dudaev G

Borovoy: Illarionov lies claiming that I was involved in the murder of my friend Dzhokhar Dudaev Konstantin Borovoy
Ex-deputy of the State Duma and Chairman of the Western Choice party Konstantin Borovoy turned to the " GORDON" to reply to the accusations of Putin’s former adviser Andrey Illarionov who considers that, provoking Petro Poroshenko to violate the truce, he pushes Ukraine to "a deadly adventure".

On November 3, the "GORDON"  published the interview of the ex-deputy of the State Duma, Chairman of the Western Choice party Konstantin Borovoy who urged Petro Poroshenko to resolute military operations for the liberation of Donbass from the Russian troops and return of the Crimea. Besides, he claims that one of high-ranking NATO officials lobbies for Putin's interests. Konstantin Borovoy called the editorial office with a request to urgently publish his statement.

After the publication of Konstantin Borovoy’s interview the Russian economist, senior scientific officer of Cato Institute and Vladimir Putin’s former adviser Andrey Illarionov contacted the editorial office. He called Borovoy's statement a provocation of the Russian intelligence services, whose purpose was to try to discredit the NATO Deputy Secretary General and to push the Ukrainian authorities to the recommencement of military operations in order to give the Russian Federation a formal pretext for massive counterattack.

After the publication of Andrey Illarionov’s interview in response to my address to Petro Poroshenko I am urged to disprove his accusations in my address. I will begin with his lies concerning my involvement in the murder of Dzhokhar Dudaev who was my friend. Such accusations in my address are generally the nationalists’ favorite subject. Naturally, I did not do it. I was never given tasks to hold negotiations with Dudaev. It was my initiative. And when I called the Kremlin from Dzhokhar, I was talked to reluctantly. They had another purpose – to begin or resume military operations. I was trying to stop them.

Moreover, it is impolite that Illarionov in his accusations referred to Alla Dudaeva with whom we are on friendly terms and see each other when I come to Georgia. I already let her know, and she is very much upset when she learned that her name was used in order to discredit me.

As for Andrey's charges concerning my cooperation with Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). Unfortunately, it is not the first case of his absurd behavior. A few years ago, when he was actively and persistently trying to prove that Egor Gaidar had worked for KGB of the USSR and was guided only by the interests of intelligence services of the USSR and Russia during his activities as Prime Minister, Valeria Novodvorskaya and I stopped any disputes and relations with him.

Naturally, right after it we, according to Andrey Illarionov, joined those who actively cooperated with KGB and continue cooperation with Russian FSB. It is simply ridiculous to hear this from Andrey. He did not conceal that he himself cooperated with intelligence services when he was the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, I am not interesting for them. If they needed to arrange a provocation, they would not turn to me – the person who at some point organized seminars against KGB, against which the Russian intelligence services have been struggling in all possible ways for 20 years.

It is well known that Andrey Illarionov is not mentally sound; Valeria Ilyinichna and I mentioned it in the videos. It does not rule out the possibility of his remarkable ideas on the questions which do not concern the fixed ideas causing his irritation. Moreover, an attempt of serious conversation with Andrey Illarionov made by his opponents and even by the whole institute of Egor Gaidar concerning his fixed ideas did not yield any sound results.

In my interview to the GORDON edition , referring to the opinion of the expert group, I mentioned the person who lobbies for Putin's interests in NATO. I was talking about the politician of the level of the NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow. The expert group came to a conclusion that only a politician of such level who has connections in U.S. Department of State, in the U.S. Ministry of Defense and NATO, could influence the decisions constraining Ukraine’s defensive policy. The period of his work as the ambassador of the USA in Russia coincided with the period when Andrey Illarionov was Putin's adviser between 2001 and 2005 and, together with security officers, often visited the Spaso-House residence that was called "a club of former and current intelligence services staff". This is Americans’ wording, not mine.

Today, I was called from Washington and was thanked for my position and the fact that I had paid attention to inaction of Barack Obama’s administration with whom the republicans have a rather tough opposition. They consider that Obama's officials are carrying out this constraining role in the policy in relation to Ukraine.

Andrey Illarionov accused me of an attempt to push the Ukrainian authorities to resume military operations. Of course, I know Petro Poroshenko, I met him in Kiev and, though I do not have any confidence that he will listen to my assumptions, I had to voice them.

After the publication of my interview, I received letters from people who supported my position. I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, but what is happening in Ukraine bothers me, and I do not find it possible to keep silence when I can help.

I sometimes go to the USA, I try to convey information that parents in Ukraine have to buy bullet-proof vests for their sons who are fighting in ATO, that people lack weapon, sanitary packages for the wounded, and many other things. However, it is only part of what I can do. The main activity is expertise. Andrey Illarionov can argue the conclusions of the expert group, and it is good. He repeatedly made statements that Poroshenko pursues a wrong policy that is too cautious. Is it a pretext for claiming that he is an FSB agent and for accusing him of provocations?

Logic and common sense do not produce any impression on Andrey Illarionov, it was checked by many prominent people, in particular, by the members of Gaidar’s government who tried to argue with him. Sensible arguments only cause his increased irritation. Naturally, I am not going to get involved in a useless squabble with him.

I urge not to resort to Andrey Illarionov’s insane condition for fear of its aggravation.

For my part, I will do everything possible to avoid irritating subjects in our discussions with Andrey Illarionov.

Nevertheless, I will continue avoiding any face-to-face relations with Andrey Illarionov.