Feygin: For Savchenko's release summit talks are necessary, the procedural part sputtered out

Feygin: so far her state does not cause any fears, but it will worsen
Feygin: so far her state does not cause any fears, but it will worsen
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The lawyer of the Ukrainian woman-pilot Nadezhda Savchenko Mark Feygin considers that the question of release of Ukrainian captured of the Moscow prison has to be included in the agenda of a meeting in a Norman format with participation of heads of Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany and Kazakhstan.

For peace talks in Astana the Ukrainian party will have enough arguments for release of the Ukrainian woman-pilot Nadezhda Savchenko who is kept in the Moscow prison. The Russian jurist and Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feygin declared in the comment to GORDON .

"When the negotiations will pass, in particular on January 15 in a Norman format in which presidents Poroshenko and Putin and other participants –heads of Germany, of France, Kazakhstan will take part, – this question should be included in the agenda, it is obligatory to discuss it, referring to all arguments which sounded from protection. And that she has to be present at session at Strasbourg on January 26, and that there was already enough time to understand all procedural questions"— Feygin noted.

"The political summit talks are necessary in the situation that we have now. The procedural part has been settled as practically all materials about Savchenko's innocence were presented to the investigation. As for the questions connected with companion problems, for example, Savchenko's kidnapping, - it is in general a separate story which demands additional investigation from law enforcement agencies of Ukraine",– the lawyer considers.

The problem of release of Savchenko can be solved according to the same scheme as earlier we succeeded to release more than 150 Ukrainian prisoners, having exchanged them for the detained separatists.

"She has been serving time in jail for six months already, she has been starving for 22 days therefore the problem should be solved in the same way as it was done with exchanges of prisoners of war. At some point Putin at the press conference which he gave in December, declared that the option "all for all" is the most acceptable one. Despite a known difference of positions with the pro-Russian separatists, the exchange after all occurred, and the problem was politically resolved. I think that it is necessary to adhere to such tactics",– Feygin noted.

According to him, so far Nadezhda Savchenko's condition remains satisfactory.

"Members of the supervisory commission visited Savchenko yesterday, she was seen in the ward and they say she is in satisfactory condition. She was vigorous, joked, swore – well, as always. So far her state does not cause any fears, but it will worsen soon as she starves"— the lawyer declared.

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